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Hi my name is Betsy. I live in east elmhurst. I have 1 sibiling.I have a bunch of great friends that I hope that we never end up not being friends.

     Hi my name is Betsy. I have a smaller brother named Bryan. My family is from Mexico. I love dogs they are my favorite animals. My favorite thing to do is to be with my best friends. I was born here in New York City.My best friends are Crystal and Gizella.My favorite hobbies are to read books and to see t.v alot. My favorite place to be is to be in school.I love my past and I am going to tell you somethings of why I like my past.First of all one thing that I like about my past is all the adventures Ive been through. For example the first time I went to Mexico.It was so scary at first but after the first time i loved being in Mexico.Another thing when my brother was born. I was so happy because he is the only sibling I've ever had.Those are only two but there is more things about me.

      Some things of my present that I like about my present is that I go to TYWLS of Astoria. I like my friends even the ones that i am trying to make friends with.My brother is still annoying but still love him.Some things that i don't like about to my present is the way the earth is getting treated. One thing that i like about the present how i am actually getting along with my class members because I used to think how I was going to get along with my classmates.I think now I am getting better at making new friends because I got more friends:).
        Some goals I would like to do in my future is to get a good career.Also to go to a great collage to go to so I could get a better education and I could be a Lawyer.Also help the community especially in the future with the economy. These are some of the goals i am thinking to do in my future.


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