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I am a student who was born in New York. I’m a sophomore at Green Dot New York. I’m sixteen years old; I have an older brother who’s eighteen years old. I have always lived in New York, since birth. I was born in the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.
In school I like to socialize with my friends. One class I’m good at is geometry class; math is my favorite subject. I also like global history; I like learning about the past and how everything came to be in today's date. Another class I like is gym because I get to play and learn many different games.

Something I enjoy doing out of school is spending time with my friends and family. I like playing my Xbox 360 because I get to play with other people internationally. I’m good at playing baseball. When I was little my mom would always take me and my big brother to the park; she would let us play baseball while she sat on the bench. Now that I’m older I have become better, and I play for my school’s team.

Question About Myself

1.What do I look like to others? (body,Face, physical appearance, point of view, eye sight)
2.What do I sound like to others? (voice, accent, sounds, noise)
3.Where will I be a couple of years from now? (future, location, )
4.When will I die? (life, death, time)
5.Do others consider me a good person? (personality, behavior, friendship)
6.How would it feel to live in a different life style?(culture, background)
7.Where will I go when i die?(afterlife, eradication, location, death)
8.How would I be living if my parents never got divorce?(parents, life, divorces)
9.What haven’t I figured out about myself?(secrets, unknown, information)
10.What will be my career after college? (job,future, career, employee,success)

Question About The World

1.Why is there so much discrimination?(judgement, hatred, injustice, unfair)
2.Why can’t people live in peace?(violence, peaceful, harmony, friendly)
3.Why are different races treated differently in some place?(culture, nationality, injustice)
4.Why do people fear failure?(fail, lose, fear)
5.Why does the economy get worse?(money, unemployment, poverty, government, jobs)
6.Why are some children raised to be violent?(bad behaved, uneducated, bad manners)
7.Why do people fear death?(scared, afterlife, dying)
8.Do people really believe in their belief or they believe in it because that’s what they grew into?(belief, religion, nationality)
9.what goes through ones thoughts when they’re doing the wrong thing?(thoughts, actions, crime)
10.How would life be if people never died? Would it be overpopulated?(population, death, infinite, life)

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