I am a student at Innovation Diploma Plus High School in New York City.

I am the apple of my eye. This describes me because I love myself in the most human way. I think I am smart, and beautiful and I am a good person. This is the ideal candidate for someone I would admire and since I fit into all of those attributes I treasure myself.

I am ethnically diverse being that my parents are Cuban, from my fathers side and Dominican from my mothers side. Past the superficial level, my roots stem back to Haitian and Spaniard. Also, growing up in both Woodside, Queens and the Upper West Side of Manhattan gave me a unique palate of cultures. In 12 years, I will be a licensed cardiovascular surgeon working both in a hospital and on missions to help people in different countries who don't have access to adequate healthcare and perform operations for charity. The finest and most enjoyable things to do are learning/arguing about politics and religion, sewing, cooking, reading, enjoying company on adventures, and watching Law & Order.

5 Things in the world that matter most to me are peoples thoughts and emotions, they intrigue me in ways that make me want to learn more about who they are and why they are the way that they are. Culture absolutely fascinates me. I am in love with the way they are so different yet so profoundly similar in the oddest of ways and the small differences that set them apart from other cultures and how they are embraced and celebrated. Food to me is the key to life. I sincerely believe that if everyone was well fed a very delicious meal we would move very close to world peace and I love food and peace so it only makes sense that those two fit perfectly together given that food is a form of love in every sense. The last two things in this world that matter most to me is my family and my future. My family has, is, and always will be there by my side to lead me in the right direction whether its hard for me to see and a particular time, I treasure their hospitality and them as individuals and they get the very best of me and the upmost respect and love. My future is my passion, my dream, and my present. It is the key to my happiness and my success and is responsible for the big smile on my face because every day I am one day closer to my dream job.

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