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I am 15 years old and a New Yorker known as Carlos. I am a huge baseball fan and my favorite team is the New York Yankees. An important month to me is Septmeber because on this month I was born. What I would consider a turning point in my life is having a little brother. One reason is I used to spoiled and now my brother is spoiled one because he is the youngest.

What I like to do in school is hang out with my friends. I still didn’t join any activities because i am not interested. The thing that I am good at though is math. One reason is because I am good with numbers and I hate dealing with sentences and writing essays. Another reason I am good at math is because I find it interesting. The numbers are everywhere like in videogames, sports, and even the technology we use today.

What I enjoy doing outside of school is playing sports with my family ( summer only). I also like to work in a farmer’s market. The reason is because it pays well , I get to meet new people, and I learn about vegetables. I am good at playing baseball and I like to work on my skills when I get the chance. I got this way because of watching my favorite athlete (Derek Jeter) live his dream and the stuggles he went through growing up. So I thought if I work harder I could end up like him, so I tried baseball and it is a sport that I like.

10 questions about myself:
Do I make good decisions? ( choice, options, great, smart, dumb)
What if I have lived with my dad instead of my mom, would I be the same?( parents, life, change, better, family)
What if my dad never left my mom and me?(parents, change, actions, thoughts, family)
What would happen if I put more effort into the stuff I do?( actions, careless, lazy, effort, things)
What is my purpose? (objective, potential, ambition, future, goals)
How will my future be? ( objective, ahead, life, career, succesful)
What if I never enrolled in Green Dot? ( school, location, people, education, better)
What if I wasn’t born in New York? ( Location, state, country, destination, city)
What if I was an only child? ( different, siblings, children, spoiled, happy)
What if I was born into a different nationality?( country, background, ethicity, race, change)

10 questions about the world:
Why is there war?( death, blood, weapons, change, damage)
What will our life be like without technology?( ipod, music, instruments, advancement, computers)
Is the Government really helping people?( helpful, betrayal, rights, taxes, war)
Are aliens real? ( outside, space, Area 51, spaceships, secrets)
Who created math and science? How? Why?( math, logic, smart, creativity, wonders)
What if Hitler was never defeated? ( World War 2, change, holocaust, defeat, jews)
What is the true meaning of love? (feelings, two people, real, fake, emotion)
Is there a fountain of youth?( young, fountain, uknown, forever, hidden)
What is creativity? ( art, imagination, create, expression, dreams )
Where did religion start?( god, christian, muslim, belief, judaism)

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