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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. I am a gamer at heart. I am a comedian and I'm also outgoing. It is important to know that I will back up my friends in any situation they are in. I hate math with a passion, but I learn to deal with it. I lover reading and writing. I write short stories and even my future plans in a notebook I keep.

I was born on June 6. One turning point in my life was when I got my first real girlfriend. Well when I started dating. In middle school I was fat and didn't have that many friends. Now in high school I have slimmed down dramatically and have a lot more friends. I'm still a geek at heart though. Not a nerd who likes Stark Trek. I mean I like video games and video game memorabilia.I live in New York in the Bronx.

One of my favorite things to do in school is attended writing class. I love writing, and I am always up for my teacher's assignments. My least favorite class has to be math. I hate math. It's that simple. I hate it. One other class I really love is history. I can spend hours in that class just learning about the past. My favorite time periods are the Roman time period and the Italian Renaissance. History story holds a lot of secrets and I intend to know every one.

One of my favorite things to do outside of school is play my games. I'm not one of those butt-hole gamers who always trash talk and speak how I know guns better than you because I play more Call of Duty than you. I play mainly play action/adventure games. I mostly play Assassin's Creed, because it deals with history and real world events that happened in the past and can happen in the future. Lets face it, It also is cool being an assassin in the past as you try to solve the mystery of 2012. I also love playing Uncharted 3. Well i love the whole series. I spend my time on multi-player. I must admit this. I am a beast at Uncharted 3 hands down. Since we got that out of the way I play Skyrim and love the classics like Resident Evil 2 or even Galaga.

If you ever want to add me I own a ps3, and my username is hatsukyo101.

Questions about myself:

1.Why is it sometimes hard for me to believe in God?( God, faith, belief, religion, confused)

2.Am I loved by my friends or just tolerated?( friends, insecurity, love, friendship, bonds)

3.Why do I chose reason over religion ?( reason, belief, religion, ignorance)

4. What makes me truly happy?( happiness, want, me, self esteem)

5.What is my destiny?( fate, destiny, self)

6.Will anyone read my writings?( self, self doubt, writings, published)

7.Why can't I care at times?( can i care, friends,family)

8. Why do I hurt the ones I hold dear?( family, friends, hurt)

9. Do I live up to my parent's expectations?(parents, expectations, insecurity)

10.Does anyone care for this list of mine?(care, self doubt, low self esteem)

Questions about the world:

1. Why do people chose religion over reason?( religion, reason, fatih, belief)

2. Is god something more then a divine being?(belief,god,divine,religious questions)

3.Why is there not illumination in this world?(Illuminati,Illuminaty,civilization, smart)

4.Will civilization ever advance mentally?(civilization, people, understanding)

5. Is the Vatican truly corrupted?(Vatican, corrupt,mysteries)

6.Are the Night Templar still out there?(Templars, history, mystery)

7.What was the Apple of Eden?(ancient artifacts, religion, god, Adam,Eve)

8.Why can't our government tell us the truth? Why hide?(government, corrupt,lies)

9.Will ignorance against races finally be gone?(ignorance,racism,ethnicity)

10.Was the death of one of the popes really a cover up?(pope, conspiracy, cover up, mystery,Rome)

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