My name is Cruzita Serrano. I’m 18 years old and live in the Bronx, New York. Something to know about me is I’m very sociable, and there when needed. A turning point in my life, is when I was told I wasn’t going to graduate with my class of 2013. This made me turn my life around because growing up in Hunts Point, the poorest congressional district in the country, you’re already born with the assumption from others that you’re going to be a crack-head, drug dealer, prostitute, etc. The loyalty I had to my class helped me get through my high school years. I wanted to walk across the stage and move my tassel to the other side WITH my class. Today, I’m a senior in High School, and on track to graduate with my class.
When I’m in school, I like to do community service. I enjoy being in classes like History, Civics and Economics, and English. I’m good at debating, and in classes, interpreting things, and analyzing them. I love mock trials, and the whole shabang on Law.
Outside of school, i enjoy hanging out with my friends, and my boyfriend. I like going out to different places in the city, and i enjoy watching movies. Something I’m particularly good at is planning. I love to plan things, and majority of the time they are things that come out amazing. I’ve always been good at this. From when i was little, i use to plan family events. Where christmas would be, where thanksgiving would be, family parties, etc.


Who am I destined to be?
Why did I meet the people i met?
Why at 18 years old do I sound like a little girl?
Who am I ?
Why do I care so much?
Why do I love so deeply?
Who would i be if I met different people, or lived a different lifestyle?
Am I on the right road to finding what I’m destined to be in life?
Why doesn’t my hair stay straight overnight?
How do people really feel about me ?

Is GOD real?
Why do pens write the way they write?
Why is society so cruel?
Why is there still Homophobia?
Why can’t gay rights be just as equal to everyone else’s who isn’t Gay?
Why is there poverty?
Are our reality dreams, and dreams reality?
Who says the government is right?
Does every single person in the world enjoy sex?
If everyone sins, what’s the point of having to go to church if you’re going to sin right after church again?

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