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I'm a student at Bronx Academy Senior High in the Bronx. NY. In the simplest terms I can say, I am a complex open-book. My name is Crystal and I have many different faces, many different emotions, and many different moods. Depending on my mood, the situations may differ. Though, each mood and emotion are displayed plainly for anyone to see. Yes, there are many different sides of me, but each are simple and easy to read.

If I’m sad, then I’m sad. Same for when I’m happy, excited, playful, or tired. I am a loving person, though I am slightly bi-polar. I enjoy being social and entertaining others. I love to spend days and nights out with friends, new and old. Going out for a walk in the park, or going out for a night in the village with my friends. It’s all the same for me.

I do love my alone time, though: curling up with my music and a book, or my computer to talk to friends, writing a journal entry, some poetry, playing a couple video games with my younger siblings in my house. I live for these simple moments in the home, because they rarely ever occur. I’m short, chubby, and emotional. I don’t know what I want from life. Or, I know certain aspects I’d like to have in my life, present and future, but if someone were to ask my what do I see in my future, I’d only be able to give bits and pieces of the bigger picture that I can’t seem to formulate on my own. In the end, all I’d like to do is live my life.

In school, I enjoy only a few things. I enjoy conversation and debate, such as in Government classes or even English classes. Debating is a way to express your opinions, based on facts and the conjoined emotions of others about a topic that affects more than one person. It’s enjoyable because I love to voice my opinion. I love to make speeches about what I feel, because, yes, I do feel I’m right almost always. Now, I may be wrong, but I also enjoy hearing the other side of stories. I like when people argue with me over what we think is right or wrong. Yes, I will give in if valid points are made, but my side will always be heard in a real debate. My friends are as big a part of my outside life as my school life. They keep me motivated and interested, they give me those perks I need to continue with my work and studies, and they help me wind down after a long day of stress.

I also enjoy writing, on a few conditions, though. I love to write, I love to express myself while typing as well as writing with pen and paper. I do not, however, enjoy writing for a set topic. I do not enjoy writing a set amount of paragraphs or pages for a topic. I love freewriting. A general topic helps, but conforming is not one thing I’m used to. So it’s a lot harder for me to write a unique and well written paper on a topic that everyone has to crack their heads open for.

Outside of school, I listen to my music just about twenty-four/seven. Music is my muse. It relates to my moods no matter what my mood may be because music is broad and beautiful. I love to sing to my favorite songs when I’m outside, in my room when I’m alone, and even on the train with friends. I get loud. I gain a bit of confidence, and I sing my heart out. I’ve been told I’m not that bad, and that’s good enough for me. As I said before, my friends are a huge part of my life inside and outside of school. I love to invite friends over to my home, especially to piss off my mother ;D And I love to go out to new and old places with the people I truely care about. My life is... Enjoyable in general, crazy to be specific, and unqiue in it's own case =]
I'm a lover, not a fighter, but violence will always attract violence. You keep me happy, I keep you happy, and no one gets hurt ;)

Ten Questions About Myself

1. Why do I try so hard? (Curiosity, motivation, inspiration)
2. Am I trying enough? ( Ambition, reassurance)
3. When will I learn to think positively? ( Desire, hope, learn, self-exploration )
4. Is it possible to open myself up to new experiences? ( Self-Exploration, Curiosity, motivation, life )
5. Where has my appetite gone? ( Worry, confusion, curiosity, anger, appetite )
6. Where am I going in the future? (Careers, goals, future )
7. Am I seen by others as someone who will achieve great things in the future? ( Curiosity, Perspective, doubt )
8. Is college really in my future? ( Goals, future, career, high learning )
9. Do the things that have happened to me, and what I have done personally, in my past affect me in the present, and will these things affect my future.? (Self-Explorations, Curiosity, Characteristics )
10. Who am I, as a person? (Self-Exploration, Curiosity, Characteristics )

Ten Question About The World:

1. Is there a need for so much violence in our general society? ( Curiosity, violence, society, community )
2. Where are those in law enforcement when you need them the most? ( Observations, society, government )
3. Does the government really tell the truth when they make their speeches? ( Curiosity, government, society, higher powers )
4. Does the existence or non-existence of a God justify crimes against others? ( Religion, Dislike, curiosity, fiction, non-fiction )
5. Is there really a God or Gods? ( Religion, Curiosity, Perspective, society, doubt )
6. Can the economy really be fixed? ( Economy, Doubt, Curiosity, society )
7. Is there a way to bring back the troops in other countries without jeopardizing the country’s safety? ( Hope, Doubt, government, foreign countries, war )
8. Will there ever be a time where there is only one religion in our world, and will that make the world any better.? ( Future, Curiosity, Religion )
9. Is magic real.? :) ( Curiosity, Wonder, Hope, Doubt, Fiction, Allusion )
10. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.? xD ( The Answer Is... Yellow. )

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