I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx.What can you do to learn more about the things you like doing,or get better at them?

What i can teach others about thing i like doing? Is Basketball,Football,and Baseball because these are sport i mostly play when i'm outside and in school or out on the field with my friend`s
also with my family.
If i teach these sports to others the only thing i want from them is to listen and that they fun also
that they are respectful to me and to each others.That they are playing friendly not beating each
other down and that they make new friends while there learn on the field and in the gym.Also
if one of the others wanted to teach me something i would let him demonstrate the team or
the class.What i can do to get better every day is to practice in the gym and in the field.So one day i can
play on a team in high school or in college and in the National Basket Ball League so i can become the best.

question: Ten things about myself

will i play in the national basketball league?

will i play in the major league baseball?

will i ever go to college?

will i play in the national football league?

will i ever got to next grade?

will i ever be a teacher?

will i ever become homeless?

will i ever be a billionaire?

can i ever be a athlete?

will i ever have a pet tiger ?

can i chill with my bros 24/7?

Question:10 world question

Why is the world round?

Why does the world has so much factory?

why is the world so mysterious?

Why is the world so evil?

Why is the world complicated?

Why is the world dieng?

Why is the world slow?

Well i ever leave the this world?

Why can there be no immigrants?

Why was immigrants created ?

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