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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx, New York. My name is Daniel and I was born on October 22. I have lived in the Bronx almost all my life. The most important thing to know about me is that I love to play sports and work on math. The most important thing that ever happened to me was when I took my football team to the championship and when I got a scholarship to go to All Hallows. I also have very strong opinions against many things and I will be glad to hear and share opinions with any one.

In school I like to talk, chill and joke with my friends. I also like to learn about the world around me and its events. In addition, I like to play basketball with my friends in school and after school. In school am good at mathematics and gym. I enjoy having fun and joking with the teachers. In addition, I go to office hours to augment my grades.

Outside of school I enjoy playing and hanging with my friends. I enjoy playing football games with my team on the playing field. I am particularly good at two things, one is playing football because I love to watch NFL.The second thing is having fun because am always energized and excited. I started to work hard and exercise every day to become strong, and physically fit to be able to play football in college. Also when I am outside with my friends in the park I like to work on my speed and catching skills. During Christmas Eve my team and I go to shelter homes to feed the poor and hungry.

Questions For Me
1.What really caused my mom's death? (death, funeral, mom, disease,loss)
2.Do I need all the new clothes that release? (clothing, necessity, equipment, attire, desire)
3.Am I a fake person?( Fake, personality, self esteem, phony, bogus)
4.Am I an impatient person?( impatient, rushing, eager, hasty, anxious)
5.Am I really a Catholic?( religion,faith, believes, Jesus, Holy)
6.Do I truly like this girl?( love, relationships,match, adore, crush)
7.Does my dad really care about me?( family, caring, love, hate, neglect)
8.Why was I born in this world?(birth, world, life, soul, being)
9.Do I always do what my friend does? (copying, follower, friends,same,copycat)
10.Would I ever go to college outside of New York?( college, New York, outside,education, institution)

Question For The World
1.Are Hell and Heaven real places?(Bible, Heaven, Hell, God, Devil, Religion)
2.Are there aliens in space?(extraterrestrial, space, invasion, raid,exotic)
3.Is there a cure for cancer the people of the world don't know about?(Health,Doctors,hospitals,medicine,disease)
4.When is the end of the world? (doomsday, Armageddon, world, termination, expired )
5.Why is there so much racism?(Hatred, prejudice,Black vs White, KKK, bias)
6.Is there ever going to be WW3?( War, violence, hostilities, world, battle)
7.Why is there violence in the world?( Hatred, Economic, problems, Dictatorship, Killing)
8.Why are people gay? (same sex, homosexual, attraction, relationship,believes)
9.Why do people kill each other in the Bronx?(Violence, deaths, shootings, Gangs,Fighting)
10.Is the bible made up stories told by someone?(fairytale, bible, Religion, believes, Christianity)

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