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I'm a student at Bronx Academy Senior High in the Bronx, NY.
My name is Darianny.Im 18 years old. Im also Dominican.I was born / raised here in the Bronx.
I onced lived in Dominican Republic for a while then came back to NY. I have a older brother. In my household theres my mom , dad , brother , me , and my moms cousin. Im in a relationship that has really changed my life. My favorite color is green. Im very active. I have only lived in harlem and the bronx. Dancing is my other hobbie. My personality is very friendly , fun to be with , outgoing, and respective.

In school i like to do math and english. Also specific projects. im good at everything basically besides U.S history or economics.

Out of school i enjoy spending time with my family and my boyfriend. I love watching movies but mostly horror or comedy. Music is the best thing in life. when i was younger i was a softball player, but i stopped playing becuase i saw that i wasnt paying attention to my education and i thought softball was way more important than school. But yea thats my LIFE story.

Questions about self:

Am i going to achieve my goals?
Am i going to be successful?
Will i be able to reach my goal to become a great Early Childhood Teacher?
How would other people describe me?
Do i have a good or bad personality?
Am i behaving well?
Where would i be living in the future?
Who is most important in my life?
Would my personality change when i become older?
Do i think normally?

Questions about the world:

How will the world change 100 years later?
Are we living safe in this world?
What would be the fashion 50 years later?
How would the universe be described?
What can WE do to make the world better?
Would there be enough jobs later on in the future?
Would there be a probability of another war in about 100 more years?
Would there be a president in the future?
Which society would be considered more dangerous?
Would the world be a big difference later on in the future?

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