I'm a student at East Brooklyn Community High School in Brooklyn, New York.

I was born on February 7. My favorite color is green its my favorite color because I went hiking one time and I saw so many fresh green trees and that color has caught my eye ever since. I also love math because it always has a right or wrong answer. Math is a subject where you can never have 2 answers like English. There are rules, formulas and process that never change regardless of the problems that come up. I wish life was more like that.

When I was 5, I thought I lived on the 5th floor because I was 5. When I turned 6, I started packing up my stuff to get ready to move to the 6th floor. I was a hilarious child. One time I was swinging on my bunk bed and I put a wooden chair in front to try and swing and jump to sit on the chair, but I missed it and fell and broke the back of the chair.

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Thanks so much for this | Thanks so much for this response! I had come... 3 years 47 weeks ago in response to My reaction to the book - Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes