I'm a student at Fremont High School in Oakland, California.

hello! hi! I'm here to show you all how my life start. I'm an Asian girl who have a big dream to become a doctor.oh i forget my name is Danich Ho and I'm 17 years old. I live in Oakland CA but i wasn't born in the US. i was born in Cambodia on august 4th, I'm not sure if you ever heard of this country. oh well I'm really awkward at first, but when i get to know you I'm really chill and nice. There are so much things i want to do later on after high school. first of all, i want to get a job and have a good relationship. i want to go to San Francisco State, but my parents don't want me to be away from home. i hope they will let me go after i show them how much effort i put on that university. talking about school, i am somehow good at math, but this year I'm not really good at it. i need some help for my math subject because i don't want to throw my favorite subject in the trash. well yeah this pretty much about myself and i hopefully to learn more about you guys out there.

Speaking of school, the most thing i have enjoyed for 3 years of high school is earning my education and hanging with my wonderful friends.whenever i walk into the class, if i saw my friends sat there,my day would be complete. i love to help the teachers out and my friends if they needed. the most enjoyable things in my school is after school program, they always educational and fun. i am attending one program right now, it call "Asian Students Union(ASU)". since in my school there are not much Asian, we all decided to created one and hope for the best to keep it going. most of the time our meeting are about cultural and find more funding by make fun raiser. we did a pretty good job raising money and most of the students/teachers love our products.

There always one place that i love to go after school is "Aypal". you might not know what Aypal is, so here i am about to tell you what this about. it an organization who help the Asian American born to understand about the their culture. This place has changed my life a lot from the isolated person into joyful person. I'm really glad to joined this program. At home I'm basically doing nothing, but helping my mom cooking and do my homework. i also love to do my nail and my sister's because it make me feel more like a woman. I'm actually good at this because i been doing it since i was 9 graders. i don't want to keep this as a career or something, but i just to do something fun hard work at school.

First thing come up into my mind about Fremont is the restroom. One thing that i hate and irritating me everyday. There always a problem with the toilets. I remember last year we had to go home early because the pipe broke. Even though we still have some problem of lacking of technology, we still have some amazing teachers. they always prepare us the best lesson and pushing the students to do the right things. There also have some good after school programs which motivate the students to stay in school. The principal try to do everything in order to stop the violent in school.

Oakland is where i am living right now. There are so many stereotyping about Oakland. First thing i want to respond back to those stereotype is that yes it is true Oakland full of violent things. However, i want to introduced you to what are some good things about Oakland. Oakland has a nice weather, it is not too cold in the winter and it is not too hot in the summer. Most of the houses in Oakland are expensive because they have a nice design and some good view. The community is pretty diverse, it mixes all the races. So yeah, this is my point of view about Oakland.

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