I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. My name is Naicha. I have 16 years of age. I don’t have anything really interesting about me. It’s nothing you’ll see in a movie pretty soon. I was born in America, but went to Africa to live with my extended family when I was 2. Those was my years of independence and greatness. I soon came back from Ivory Coast when I was 7 years old.

If you may not know I am a student....I am a student. I do what student do ;which is going to school. I do not have a permanent favorite subject. It all depends on how class went that day or the whole month. But I know for sure Math is not ever going to be one. It actually kind of scares me. I am a kinetic learner so basically I like to move around, touch stuff and perform projects. My favorite part of school is lunch. Lunch is the time you spend away from your teacher and work. All you really you do is eat and relax.

My outside life is at times amazing and others time a bore. Outside of the school I love to watch movie , listen to music and read books. My favorite books are the Twilight series (yes, I am team Edward). My favorite movie was “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Easy A,” “She’s All That,” “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” etc. My favorite songs include many genres. I absolutely find the song I Need You Now by Lady Antebellum to be annoying. I have always wanted to travel around the world .And find out history and hidden culture. I have no talent, so will have to wait for it to show its face.

My Questions about myself:
Why do I care so much of what people think?
(impression, opinions, personality, judgement ,identification)
Why am I afraid of death?
(horror, fear, frighten, horrific, haunted)
Would life had been different if I stayed in Africa?
(wonder, curiosity ,question, inquire, puzzle)
Why do I act stupid sometimes?
(self-esteem, self-regard, inquiry, identification)
Would I ever gain courage?
(fortitude, boldness, bravery, fearless, feelings)
what are/is my talent?
(esteem, identification, personality, strength, talent)
How come I do not understand myself?
(Identification, esteem, classify, labeling, identity)
why am I able to think up personal question easier than world question?
(inquiry, tough, struggles, weakness, aid)
Do people actually figure themselves out?
(labeling, identification, classify, solution, personality)
where is my place on earth?
(belonging, place, purpose, home, station)
My world Questions:
Why is the world so afraid?
(fear, horror, haunted, frighten, afraid)
Does religion really matter?
(polytheistic, monotheistic, truth, purpose, God)
Why are human so cruel to animals?
(inhumanity, malevolent, malicious, evil, hatred)
Why are humans so cruel to their humans?
(Inhumanity, malevolent, malicious, evil, hatred)
what happens when you die?
(curiosity, afterlife, confusion, end of life, decease)
Is there such thing as love?
(adoration, Cherish, affection, beloved, admiration)
What job can you get by travel?
(roaming, possibilities, work, journey, freedom)
What makes a person an adult?
(define, examination, coming of age, life, living)
What makes a person a child?
(examination, journeying, naive, mindset, coming of age)
What makes a person a stupid?
(stupidity, thoughts, mindset, examination, identification)

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