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My name is Eva, I was born in Santa Cruz, Ca, March 4th, 2002 and love playing soccer. My favorite animal is the wolf. Almost my whole family lives in Germany and my immediate family that lives in Santa Cruz goes to visit as often as possible. In Germany I love to ride horses. There is one horse that I am especially fond of, his name is Astor. I have lived in Santa Cruz my whole life, but I spend almost every summer in Germany. I turned 13 this year and am getting my own room! I started soccer when I was 4 years old and my whole family likes plays soccer. At the dinner table discussions often go to soccer.
I go to Branciforte Middle School and my favorite school subject is math. Our teacher Ms. Campbell, is the best math teacher ever. She offered to raise me and two of my friends up to algebra in seventh grade. After school on Wednesday’s I take an arts academy class. Together with some of my friends, I do acrylic painting. Also, I participate in a lot of school sports. For example, girls soccer, cross country, and track and field. I have pretty good grades in every class, if four A+’s and one A count. I still need to get that A up to an A+. I’ve been on the honor roll every semester so far and hope to keep it that way.
When I am not at school I spend most of my time locked up in my room reading. All of my friends say I read too much, some even dare to say that reading makes you dumb. I don’t think so though. Most of my friends call me super smart and I just ignore those who think negatively of reading. I also play soccer for the Santa Cruz Jaws. I’ve made a whole bunch of friends that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Mostly we practice twice a week and practice isn’t just running and other soccer related things. We also enjoy water breaks and usually socialize in those quick breaks.

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