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My name is Ebrahim I like to work and to play video games and listen to music and to pray to the Almighty Allah and to read the Holy Quran. I go to New Directions Secondary School. I'm in the grade 10.

I’m a passing student. I intend to have a better education to be an achieving youth. I would like to work at an immigration center as a director of business development. I like to hang out with my friends in school . My favorite subjects to do are history. ELA, writing, and art.

What I like to do after school is stroll around the park with my friend, Michale, and I like to go to the store and buy some snacks.

I am a passing student I get good grades on my report card. I don't drink or smoke. I obey my parents and practice my religion every day. I am very honest to people and always stay on task. I don't skip class. I come to school every day. Even if I am coming from an appointment, I try to make it on time.

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MY first time entering the spelling bee | My first time entering the spelling bee Characters ME, MRS MORRIS, MR REALANDER DOMONIQUE, JASON,STUDENTS MRS relander; GOOD morning class STUDENTS; good morning mr realande MR relander; i’ve got... Added on Friday, May 20, 2016 - 10:21, with
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