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My name is Ezekiel i’m a boy and I am in seventh grade and something you should know about me is I go to new directions secondary school, I was born in New York Allan Pavilion hospital, when something important happened to me it was in 2012 when my nieces were born it was the best day in my life, I lived at Davidson Avenue in the Bronx.

What I like to do in school is my math and my Ela I just don’t like the way I really have to do all the work with in 2 weeks or a month and i’m very happy that I'm going to the 8th grade in January I like phsical education and Science , I am good at math and science and physical education .

What I like to do after school is play basketball and football. Also I like to play at the park. What I am particularly good at is football but basketball I am great at. I have gotten better in basketball by playing with my brother.

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