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I’m a 15 year old girl who was born on a lovely April day in 1996. I have lived in the Bronx all my life. I don’t know any other place like New York City. I was born in the Bronx but I consider myself Guatemalan before American. I don’t have a turning point, but I’m sure that I will have a lovely life.

As a young adult, I take school seriously. I don’t like to think of going to school in the summer time; I don’t believe in that. In school I like to talk to a lot of people and laugh. In school I’m good at Writing, English and a little bit of Spanish, only because my parents speak Spanish all the time. I don’t really do extracurricular activities in school. I would like to do track.

Outside of school I like to be stress-free from school. Who wouldn’t? I like to watch the following shows : Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Jane by Design, The Game, and Love & Hip-Hop. On other days I like to spend time with the family. I love blasting music inside my house. Sometimes I even dance in my house like a crazy person. One thing I love to do is bake cakes and cupcakes; I like to make new types of cupcakes. This is my life.

Question about Myself
Do I really look bowlegged? ( mirror, looks, skinny, thoughts, others)
What would my future look like?( college, relationships, friendships, house, challeges)
Do I take love seriously? (love, relationship, boyfriend, marriage, misunderstanding, complication)
Would I really get a tattoo?(tattoo, pain, color, location, design)
What do people really think about me?(thoughts, feeling, outlook, gossip, society)
Am I very cruel toward people?( attitude, misunderstanding, perspective, communication, misunderstood)
Does my personality affect people’s feelings?( thoughts, feeling, sarcasm, other, friends
Will I change?( future, lifestyle, relationship, college, growth)
Would I ever get married to someone I truly love?( boyfriend, the date, family, our differences, outcome )
What is one word that defines me?( personality, p.o.v, words, adjectives, outlook)

Question about the World
What if everyone was nice?( World, people,attitude, point of view,nice)
Why is there a good and bad?( choices, good,bad, life, influences)
How would the future look like?(life, choices, friends,community,society)
Will the economy improve?( community, people, help, money, president)
Does age give human being limits?(people, age, limits, choices, thoughts)
Will laws change extremely?( future, laws, economy, people, outlook)
What if people had superpowers?(superpowers, changes, people,causes, different)
Will they ever get married?(marriage, family, kids, prince charming, love)
What if there was no divorce?( marriage, fights, kids, differences, misunderstanding)
What if there abortion didn’t exist ?( kids, depression, mothers, fathers, life)

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