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Hello! My name is Eric Yu, and I am a Freshman in Okemos High School. My major is music and arts, focusing on piano, clarinet and tenor saxophone. I play tenor saxophone for the OHS Marching Band, I play clarinet for all-state band and the OHS Freshman Band and I play piano for the MMTA SAT, Keel Competition and PAS. I am a three time finalist in the MMTA SAT piano competition, a first place 6-8th grade in the Keel Competition and an all time 1st place 3 times in PAS.

In the free time, I enjoy drawing, basketball, gaming, programming and social media.
I tend to have an open mind about philosophy, reason of human existence and I have a wide interest in astronomy.

Sometimes, I think to myself:
Will I ever be able to substain my own family?
What if I don't succeed in music?
How well will I do in grades?
What will be my strongest subject?
How do I become a composer?
How will I be able to conduct an orchestra?
For my entire life, my family have been nothing but doctors. Once I came, I turned this around and became a talented musician rather than showing interest into medical science. Why a I like this?
How much money will I have to spend as a life as a composer?
What is the average pay rate for a concert pianist?

Can infinity be real?
If our universe is expanding, could it reach an end?
How much atoms are there in the universe? (Spoiler: a lot)
Do other organisms, such as micro bacterium and and cells have souls/lives too?
Why is a piano much more famous than a clarinet, even though there are way more clarinet players than piano players?
What started before the big bang?
Will we ever figure out how the immune system works?
Eventually, will every virus be wiped out?
Will honeybees be able to abstain a good population? If they are gone, are we doomed?
How much people in this world die being forgotten/with pity?

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