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Hello :) My name is Evelyn. I currently attend Bronx Academy High school. My favorite school subject is anything to do with Math and I don’t pretty much enjoy English. My favorite color is red and my favorite sport is volleyball. My hobbies are creating origami, traveling, and drawing. When I grow up I want to be a business woman. My dream is to travel across the world and go to places I never been to before. My personality is that am a nice person and at times I can be a very unfriendly person, It is based on how you want to be treated. So since last year my ways of being school has changed. I became more focus.

In school I’m good at listening and doing my work. When I have a task to complete I do it. When I need help I ask for help when it is needed. I enjoy that the teachers in school are really caring and help you in whatever you need. I actually enjoy coming to school because I can do my work with no problem. In my old school I pretty much didn’t like coming to school and did not complete my work, which caused me to get left back. In which now I’m here and it’s really helpful and I hope I can succeed in life.

Outside of school I like to play sports and I like to travel, but in order to do that I have to do my homework and study for anything. I like to travel to places in NYC with my family, my mom is barely home therefore I spend most of the time to my sister whom she is like my mother to me and someone I can count on most of the time. Another thing I like to do outside of school is go out to the park with my friends and relax and talk about our day and life. When its a nice day I go outside and I walk my dogs. At times when I’m really bored I play my gaming system, Xbox.

An Indelible Moment

Every Sunday, every Wednesday, every Friday, matter fact everyday. Every day when I was younger my family and I would always go out to places. Happy, yes happy moments. Laughs, smiles, and giggles every moment. That’s how my childhood was, I wonder why it never stays the same. People grow up and things get in the way.

In the summer there’s usually a carnival that comes around my home. But there was one particular summer that I remember the time when the carnival was around my home I was around 8 or 7. It was good summer to remember it was the first time I got my biggest stuff toy. I was roaming with my family and for some reason I tend to go my own way and get lost. I bumped into an old lovely couple who was shooting hoops and they won. I was so startled to see their reaction towards their win, then as I was walking away they stopped me and was like “Hey which one you like?” I was shy so I just pointed and picked a big giant wolf, I had always wanted a dog as you can see. They suddenly gave me the wolf, I was amazed with my eyes and I had a smile going from cheek to cheek. I got my big giant wolf till’ this day, now that I’m typing this I realizing it was 10 years ago! I ran around with my big wolf that was the size of me to my parents, they looked at me with such a fright thinking where’d i get it. I told them the story they just laugh from that day on my wolf went everywhere with me in my home.

Every Wednesday it was time for the Zoo. Waking up to the smell of my mom’s food that she made for when we get hungry there. The excitement just to go and be there already even though i lived like 5 minutes away from the Zoo. Coming out of the Zoo with our drinks, popcorn and stuffed snakes. My little brother always loved his beanie turtles. He would cry if he didn’t get one. Also, after the Zoo we’d head to McDonald's, always running with my little brothers to get the best seat and playing in the play set and slides waiting for our food to be ready. I always got the Barbie dolls that came with my happy meal. A few days later finding my dolls without their hair because my sister was a bully! haha quite funny now that I look back.

These days are good to remember, it even makes me cry cause I miss them so much. Moments like these I shall never forget.

Detox: Notice. Dream. Connect. Do.

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