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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. Am I 17 year old Latina Dominican girl who loves to have friends, dance and listen to music my name is Yeny. I was born in the Dominican Republic. Something important about me it is that I am a very friendly person, and I love to be by myself when I dance. My first time playing chess at a Chess Championship was something very important that happened to me because I never felt so interested about this game. I didn’t belief I was going to make it this far going to a chess championship tournament it was a turning point in my life. I had lived in Manhattan for 2 years, but where I lived most of my life was in Dominican Republic for 13 years.

In school I am like a nerdy student who cares a lot about her classes and grades. An activity I used to do at school was Dance Club after school, but I had to stop because I lived too far from school and I was getting late at home. However, most of the time I stay for school office hours if I need help in any class I am not very good at. In school I am good in science class, and it is very comprehensive. My science class is easy to learn.

Outside of school, I enjoy movie moments with my family and friends. I am very good at meeting new friends and cooking. I am very good at meeting people because I am a benevolent girl and I believe it is good to be sociable. I am very good at cooking because my mom taught me everything I know. To me it is good to know how to cook because I love food, and I love cooking for people like (friends and visitors).

10 questions about myself

1. Am I a boring person?(being not funny, not outgoing, weary, lazy, lack of interest)
2. Are my friends honest to me?(straight forward, fair, respectable, sincere, truthful)
3. Would my life be different if I were still leaved in the Dominican Republic?(youthfulness, freedom, live, happiness, hope)
4. Do my parents trust me?(honesty,friendship,relationship, belief, faithfulness)
5. Am I a good friend?(loyalty, trustworthiness, willingness, honesty, sincere)
6. Do I have change?(meaningfulness, sensitive, weak, malevolent sometimes, lazy)
7. Who am I to society?(kindly, respectful, sociable, weak, sincere)
8. Am too kind to people?(competition, envy, hate, unfaithfulness, loyalty?
9. Does every guy cheat on they girlfriends?(lies, sex, jealousy, bet, competition, some say deep feelings, carefulness)
10. Do my best friend care about me?(trust, sympathy, empathy, honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, sincere)

10 questions about the world

1. It is true the world i/s going to end this year?(live, nature,creation, evolution, belief)
2. Why does abortion exist(inhumane, humiliation, hate, malevolent, invulnerable)
3. Does love to others still exist in the society?(oneself, affection, emotion, friendship, creation)
4. Why there is so much poverty world wide?(hunger,pain, starvation, death,devastation)
5. Does war make the world worst or better?(death, competition, pain, untruthfulness, hate)
6. It's Africa one of the poorest continent world wide?(happiness, freedom, live, wild live, nature)
7. Are there others planets besides Earth?(live, land, nature,milky planet, evolution)
8. Why there is so much hatred within society?(conceited, selfishness, jealousy, gossiping,envy)
9. Are people born evil?(malevolent, invulnerable, insidious, vicious, wicked)
10. It's being religious a society problem?(spiritually, belief, faith, creed, denomination)

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