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Will I still practice karate in 50 years? 


I have practiced karate for eight years and have reached the rank of Shodon or first degree black belt. I have dedicated part of myself to the arts and I plan to do so for a long time. I started out young and I hated the idea of going twice a week. As I grew older, I grew to love the arts. I have come to respect the arts for what they are and I hate to watch as some butcher the idea of the arts. They were taught a way for many to interpret but also taught to be passed down through generations. Each generation passes down a new version of the arts as the elders who were involved begin to die off. 
Over a period of eight years, I have learned a lot about karate. I have learned only the basics however. The basics of self defense and at that, it is still more than the knowledge of many. I have practiced combinations of movements that are called kata. These combinations are the basics to fighting and self defense. I have acquired the knowledge of 29 katas and each I know a very small amount about. These katas are the foundation of fighting and each movement can be used as a means of defending and attacking an opponent. I have come to understand that karate is a part of life and that it is connected with everything we do. 
I can look back on all that I know and think that I know a lot however I do not. I don't know a lot compared to my teachers, my sister, and other practitioners. They have many more years invested into the arts and that alone shows me that I must do the same. I wish to expand the horizons of my understandings of all the arts. I want to study other styles that will help me comprehend why we do what we do in the arts. I hope to learn skills that will help me throughtout the rest of my life.


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