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My name is Gabriela Cabral, but many people just call me Gabby .I am currently a sophomore at Green Dot Charter School .I am a Dominican girl who was raised in the Bronx by her single mother. I am only child and this makes my mother’s relationship with me strong and more special. She has become not only a person I could count on, but a friend. I have a large family ,and I would like to meet all of them at one point in my life. Through the years of my life, I have learned that family is important and that they would be there through thick and thin. I love to help people and watch them succeed.Anytime a person needs me, I tend to be there for them. My goals are my main focus, and I believe that nothing or nobody can stop me from achieving my dreams.

In school, I am a very amicable person. I am also very social and talkative. Schools is my main focus because I believe that it is the only path for a person’s success in life. I like spending time in school but I don't always like to do the work because I am very lazy. I like to learn and to experience new things. In school, I am very energetic and an optimistic. I always try my best because life is too short for me to be settling for the minimum. Thanks to this, I have excellent grades in school.My main motivation that moves me to always doing my best is my mom. She is always on top of my grades and is always pushing me so that I would do my best.

When I am not in school, I am very playful and a little carefree. Out of school I don't like to stress because then this would get the best of my emotions. Most of the time I am happy because I spend most of my time with people that I am able to enjoy myself with. I am not afraid to meet new people and I don't consider myself to be shy. My friend are funny and unique , but they are also benevolent and trustful. They support me and are always there to make me laugh. I love to laugh and to listen to music, it is just something that just makes life enjoyable . I have always been a trustful person because I like to help people when they have a problem or when they are down. I love spending time with people. In the winter, I tend to be more lazy and i don't really go out, but in the summer I am always ready to go outside . I do consider myself an odd ball, but I'm just god’s little special creation.

Questions about my self:

1.How do others view me?
(Social judgment)(Outer appearance)(Physical judgment) (perceptions ) (Appearances fail)
2.What would be my career in the future?
(future career) ( My future job) ( future profession)(personality affects career)( career for me)
3.How would I look in the future?
( future views of me) ( physical growth) ( my looks in the future) ( young turn old) ( growth and development)
4.Are my decision always the right ones?
(right vs. wrong) (life decision) (good decisions) (right decisions) ( choices of life)
5.Am I easy to convince?
( Easy to convince)(persuasive)(Gullible) (vulnerable)( Fickle)
6.Am I easily affected by others?
( Affected by others) (peoples influence) (Change for people)( people pleaser)(quickly influenced)
7.Who would I marry?
( My other half)(compatibility) ( soul mate)(type of husband marry)( couples in the future)
8.Is there anything wrong about me that I should change?
( wrong in personality)( satisfying others) ( evil in me) ( self reflection) (change for good)
9.How would my kids look?
( offspring physical appearance) ( Genes ) ( kids DNA) ( recessive genes)( Mother or father look alike)
10.Am I really the person I seem to be?
( person I seem to be)( a different me) ( deceiving appearances)( Fooled by Outer appearance)(Peoples disguises)

Questions about the world:

1.Why are people so mean to those that treat them nicely?
( mean to benevolent people)(reason to be malevolent)(results to kindness)(ungrateful)( effects of behavior)
2.What happens when you die?
( life after death) (reincarnation)( hell vs heaven)( definition of death)( eternal death)
3.Why is life so hard?
( stress in life)(hardships of life) (reasons for hard life)( causes for life hardships) ( adversities in life)
4.Does everybody really have a purpose in this earth?
( purpose in life) ( job in the future) (My role in life) ( destiny for each person) ( unique individual)
5.Is humankind easily influenced?
( influence on humd kind)( fooled by others)( Fickle)( humankind easily persuaded)( vulnerable)

6.When would God come back?
( the seconds return)(( god’s comeback)( god’s return)( time of the second return)(reality of second comeback)
7.Is the good thing to do always the right thing to do?
(Choices with time)( Right choices) ( right vs. wrong) ( is right good) ( good life choices)
8.Why do people always let others down?
( letting people down) ( disappointment)(reason letting others down)( not being there friends) ( Failing to others)
9.How would life be if everyone was equal?
( equal society)( lack of uniqueness) ( results of equality) ( difference in equal life)( sameness)
10. Why is it so hard for people to be faithful?
( hardships of faithfulness) ( reasons to be faithful) ( cheating couples) ( reasons to cheat) ( trust issues)

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