My name is Giovanny. I am a 15 year old student who attends Green Dot New York. I am currently growing up in the Bronx. All my life I’ve been trying to alienate the malevolent streets of the Bronx. I enjoy many things such as sports, music, and ice skating. My favorite sport of all is baseball, one day I hope to be in the major leagues. With hardwork and commitment, that dream can be attained in the future. I like being social and talking with the people around me and especially love socializing with the ladies. They’re my impetus for most of the things I do. I am also very outgoing, I like going to parties, watching a movie, and every now and then playing video games with my boy Oliver. Overall I like to describe myself as social, outgoing, and hilarious.

In school, I am a very funny and social person. I like to make teachers and students laugh. I like to enjoy my learning, and have fun while I learn. I am very lazy when it comes to homework. I honestly hate homework, but it has to be done to augment my grade. My favorite subject is Living Environment and my worst subject is Geometry. Geometry is extremely difficult for me as much as I try. In class, I fool around, but most of the time its after I finish my work. I do well in class work, and oral presentations. I score high on test depending on what class it is. Geometry, not so well, but in other classes like writing and global, I do well on tests.

Outside of school, I am an entertaining and active person. I like going out on weekends and ice skate or play baseball or basketball. Sports are a very important thing to me, I think it is what is going to take me far in life. On Saturdays, I usually go ice skating or go to my cousin’s house to hang out and play Xbox. On Sundays, I like going out to different places with my family. I usually go with my mother, my 3 sisters, my nephew and niece, my cousin and her daughter. We usually go to church, then to the cemetery, then somewhere fun like Palisade Mall or New Roc City. I like to play every sport! I play baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Many people say I am fun to be around. I enjoy making people smile and make people feel better.

Questions About Myself
1. What did I do in my mothers’ stomach?
2. How do people talk about me?
3. What if I lived in Hawaii?
4. What will I be in the future?
5. When will I die?
6. What if I was never born?
7. What if I had an intellectual disability?
8. When is my next fight?
9. Will I ever go to jail?
10. Will I ever make it to the MLB?

Questions About The World
1. Will racism stop?
2. What if Hitler never existed?
3. What if WWI never happened?
4. What if there was no violence?
5. What if the Holocaust didn’t happen?
6. What if death never existed?
7. What if humans never evolved?
8. What if America never gained its independence?
9. Is the government hiding stuff from us?
10. Who will be the next president?

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