I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. I am a 15-year-old boy. I am the youngest son, and the only son that my mother has. I was born in the Bronx. I have lived in the Bronx throughout my whole life with my mother and my sister. I am a funny, smart, and lazy person. A turning point in my life was when my father left me at such a young age and stopped living with me. I learned to appreciate everything that my mother does for me, and was able to learn what its like to be raised by a single mother.

In school I like to joke around a lot with my friends and associate with them. When I’m in school I tend to put my head down in class and try to fall asleep. I am very lazy, and don’t complete a lot of work in some classes. Even though I tend to not do some of my work in class, I catch up on my work before the marking period is over, and would still be able to pass some classes. In the end I would only fail one or two classes. I know that I can do better than what I do in school, but I need to get over my laziness.

Outside of school I am a different person but at the same time I am kind of the same. I am still a very lazy person when I am at home. I like to just relax and go outside when I am outside of school. Overall I like to just have fun when I’m not in school, and don’t like when my mom sends me out to do things with for her. It just shows how much of a lazy person I really am.

Questions about me:
1) Where would I be without mother? (mother, life, family, curious, future)
2) What kind of person am I? (myself, personality, inside, perspective, athletic)
3) What can I change about myself? (changed, personality, moods, actions, speech)
4) What made me who I am today? (actions, grades, friends, family, behavior)
5) What do I need to focus I'm to achieved goals I'm life? (goals, achievements, focus, life, future)
6) Do I make bad choices? (bad, choices, mistakes, accidents, resentment)
7) What do my parents see me as? (perspective, thoughts, parents, viewing, vision)
8) What kinds of impressions do I leave? (impressions, personality, style, actions, befriend)
9) What is life really like for me? (life, past, present, future)
10) Will I make it far in life with the way I act? (moods, actions, future, thoughts)

Questions about the world:
1) Why do people lie? (lies, truths, people, thoughts, promises)
2) Why is a giraffe's neck so long? (giraffes, length, science, trees, genetics)
3) Why are so many students dropping out? ( student, school, work, stress, disabilities)
4) When will the world end? ( 2012, end, world, future, destruction)
5) When will there be a thunder-storm? ( weather, rain, news, storm, predictions)
6) Why and how do people get possessed by demons? (spirits, exorcism, demons, souls, religion)
7) Do most married couples really marry their first love? (marriage, love, relationships, friends, couples)
8) Why are mice blind? (mice, blind, science, nature, environment)
9) Why are girls so sensitive? (girls, personality, sensitivity, hearts, tears)
10) When will we have flying cars? (cars, science, technology, upgrades, inventions)

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