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I’m Niya Harry; a fifteen year old who lives in the Bronx. I attend Green Dot, a charter school in the South Bronx. I was born in White Plains, New York, and have three other siblings: a sister and two brothers. I can’t say that I’ve had incredibly amazing experiences in life, or something life-changing happen to be. I’m very quiet, according to my friends; they also say that I smile and laugh a lot. The truth is, I don’t like to smile or laugh a lot, because I just feel that it’s completely unnecessary at most times. It’s not that I’m depressed, it’s just that I don’t find enjoyment or amusement in most things. Something that I want everyone to know about me is that I may seem quiet and like I can’t do much, but I’m quite the opposite. If I weren’t so shy, I’d speak my mind to everyone, but then again I’d also be hated by everyone. One of my goals is to come out of this shell of mine, one day.

In school, I love to spend time with my friends.They are my world, people I can talk to when I feel my mom won’t listen or can’t understand. Currently, I’m not involved in any extra-curricular activities, but hope to join some soon, if my grade in Geometry permits. At school I can't say I have a strength and truly, nobody can say they are good at everything or even one thing; everybody has struggled at least once with something. The one thing I feel that I'm good at is listening to my friends when they need somebody,or anybody.

Outside of school, I am a very different person when it comes to family. I'm a major gamer; I love to play video games. I'm very good at them, or at least I try to be. I love to play the Legend of Zelda games when I have free time. I became good at these types of games because I played my very first Zelda game when I was about six years old. I've been addicted ever since. I don't think it's something anybody could change about me; it’s the way I grew up. Everybody has something or someone that is special to them, and particularly, video games are what's special to me because of my dad.

Questions about Myself:
1. Am I faithful to my religion? ( God, Bible, faith, belief, religious)
2. What do others think of me? ( opinions, gossip, perceive, peers, self- consciousness)
3. How well do I take rejection from others? ( criticism, turn down, reject, oppose, curve)
4. Where will God send me when I die? ( death, fate, doom, judgement, heaven, hell)
5. Does society accept me? ( social, acceptance, people, judge, criticize)
6. Why can't I stop being self-conscious? ( shyness, esteem, confidence, outgoing, social butterfly)
7. Why do I always feel others are better than me?( unimportant, outcast, looks, popularity, friends)
8. Why don't I believe in myself?( shyness, confidence, esteem, trust, belief)
9. Am I envious towards my friends? ( jealously, envy, want, need, desire)
10. Who am I living for? ( purpose, person, mission, life, fulfillment)

Questions about the World:
1. Why do people judge others?( hypocrites, judge, criticize, ethnicity, religion)
2. Why is there war and terrorism in the world?( war, Iraq, killing, bombing, not peaceful)
3. What makes people different from each other?( race, color, religion, differences, disagreements)
4. Why do some people believe they are better than others?( race, wealth, class, judgmental, political views)
5. Will the world end this year? ( rapture, Christ, apocalypse, doom, judgement day)
6. Have the governments of the world become corrupt? ( democrat, republican, Egypt, leaders, people)
7. Is the rapture near? (Death, judgement, God, hell, beginning, end)
8. Did humanity forget about God?( beliefs, faith, world, Jesus, salvation)
9. Does life have a purpose?( mission, goal, achievements, success, fulfillment)
10. Why is there still racism in the world?( color, ethnicity, black, white, prejudice)

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