My name is Henrique and I’m eleven,I was born in women and infants hospital in providence. I’ve lived in Brockton Massachusetts, central Falls RI,and where I currently live in Pawtucket RI. What I think is important to know about me is that my favorite sport is football, and that my favorite subject in school is math. A turning point in my life was when my mom finally said yes and let me play football, because my mom and dad are a little over protective, so I don’t get hert.

What's my favorite sport? what spots will they have in the future?
What's my favorite food? Who will be president in the election?
what's my favorite song? will they still have factories for people to work in?

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I like this poem and think | I like this poem and think you captured... 2 years 2 weeks ago in response to Emmett Till poem