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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. My name is Daisy, 15 year old Puerto Rican; the baby of the family. I have a brother and a sister; and I was born on June 5th at around 5:30 AM. Something important to know about me is that I’m a very down to earth person, don’t like to be around problems. A turning point in my life has been since 9/9/11 the day that God brought me my first nephew; I’m glad I was able to see when he had his first cry in this world. Since then my life has changed a lot; and I have become a more responsible girl. For these past 6 years I’ve been living in the Bronx.

In school I’m different I’m very quiet, and I also get lazy. In Green Dot I do not like to participate in any extracurricular activity because they focus on how your grade is. In school I’m very good at being respectful and paying attention, but some how I never learn. I really don’t like this school at all, but what can I do. The only thing I like is that sometimes teachers really care about their students yet some just don’t.

Outside of school is something else, I’m not quiet; I get crazy on my own way. Basically outside of school I spend it with my family. I don’t care if people say: “Oh that’s boring, be a teenager do this, do that.... etc.” The thing is that I don’t like spending spending my whole day with “friends” I would rather be home with my family having a good time. Outside of school I’m very good at helping those who really need my help. For example if someone ask me for money I at least give them 25 cents. I’m like this because of my grandmother; she taught me that I should help people because I never know when I’m the one who will be asking for the help.

10 Questions: Of: Myself
Why do I write so ugly? (Fast writer, Sloppy, Righty, Rush, Handshaking )
Why don’t I like how I see my self? (Low self-esteem, Insecure, Physical, Judgments, Glasses)
Would Burgundy or Red-sh hair color look nice on me? (Different Look, Better Looking, Style, Changes, Less Insecure)
What would I be in the future? (Determination, work, career, lifestyle, money)
Why can’t I be more girly? (Hate Pink, Style, Insecure, Physical looking, Judgments)
Why do people say I look like my mom? (Physical, Attitude, Manners, Glasses, Both are Pinkish)
Why do I keep things to myself? (Scared, Lies, Claims, Teasing, Insecure)
Am I a good decision maker? (Analyzing, Wise, Thinker, Want the best, Care)
Why do some boys hurt my feelings so much? (Feelings, Not interest, Don’t Care, Give Up, Insecure about GF)
Why do I love animals so much? (Cute, Adorable, Small, loyalty, Playable)
Why do I love baby so much? (They cute, Small, Adorable, Sweet, Lovable)

10 Questions: The World
Why do people like to hurt animals? (Cruel, Don’t Care, Hate them, Unnecessary, Make Noise)
Why do people have to kill for dumb things? No Money, Nothing Else to do, Mandatory, Gang, Don’t Care)
Is having a clean planet hard? (Don’t Care, Garbage, Chemicals, Dirt, dirty oceans)
Why does nothing last forever? (Everything Dies, No Love, Hate, Complicated, No Trust)
Why do people think God is not real? (Don’t Believe, Lies, Religion, No Faith, No Trust)
Why is there so much judgment on people? (No feelings, Unconcern of things, No Appreciation, Make them feel bad, No life)
What is the importance of being on a gang? (“Family”, Feel Like Home, Loneliness, No where to go, No exits)
Why do people like to see other people suffer? (Hate, Don’t Care, Enjoyment, No life, People make them)
Why do the crime if you can’t do the time? (Don’t think, Don’t Care, Mandatory, Gang, Hate)
Why hate when you can love? (Care, Appreciate, Love, Help, Live)

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