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I am a student at Green Dot New York Charter School. My name is Yannerys. I am 16 years old, and I am currently a sophomore. I am a sweetheart, but some things I wish I could just stop. I show love to the loved ones, sometimes way too much. I just hate that about myself. I am a sister with lots of responsibilities, and able to accomplish them all. All I care about is being real, and for people to tell me things how they are. I help people way too much, but when they don’t let me help them I’ll just move on and let them handle it. I am just so nice, and I would like for people to be nice back. I really don’t care about others; I just care about the people my circle. I say things how they are, but sometimes people can’t handle it and judge me. I hate liars and cheaters; like I said, I keep it real with everything. I just love the way I am, but the only change I would make is my sweetness.

In school I am a B and A student. I hand in all my work in time; even though it’s stressful, I try. Sometimes I try even harder and still I get the same grades. I really enjoy going to my school even though it’s strict. At my school the teachers make you feel like elementary students. I go to school to learn, not to make my life harder. In every school I go there’s always that one person that would make school harder for me. There is always drama in my school, but at the end we solve it.

Outside of school I am just the same girl, but without the hard work. I do me, and only me, but I try to spend time with my favorite people. I try to make the best out of my life because life is only a loan. We have to give it up at some point. I keep it real everywhere I go, but the phoniness follows me around. I love having fun and doing crazy things, and I’ll do the craziest things for the people I love.

About me ?
Who am I? (culture, person, background, self, teenager)
Why am I so nice with people that don’t deserve me? (hate, love, caring, sharing, need)
For what am I here for? (family, faith,destiny,mission,life?
What is my future husband doing right now? (love, marriage, boys, man, relationships?
How do people see me? (personality, future, characteristic, people, emotions)
Do my friends think I’m normal? (personality, characteristic, friends, expressions, actions)
When will I stop caring for others first? (love, personality, actions, caring, lover)
When would be rich forever? (money, future, work, job, school)
What will happen to me in 5-6 months? (future, family, prediction, march, life)
When will I learn to move on quick? (forger, forgive, move, new, bye)

About the world?
When will money stop being a problem? (economy, society, people, rich, money)
Why can’t we all just be faithful? ( love, caring, truthful, faith, happy)
When will boys and girls stop cheating? (love, grow up, respect, truth, faith)
Why cant we all just be friends? (happy, together, helpful, caring,relationships)
Do people really care about the things others do ? (caring, society, people. comments, opinion)
Why can’t we just all mind our business? (caring, live, life, society, opinion, move on)
When will we all be happy without caring about what others think? (happy, love, care, friends, society)
Why can’t everything in the world just be free? (money, freedom, caring, love, crazy life)
When will people stop judging? (care, move on, people, comment, live life)
Does love really exist? (Love, real, faith, people, relationship)

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