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Hi. My name is Hui Xu, I was born in Guangzhou, China and raised in Oakland, USA. My birthday is November 8th, 1999. I came to America in 2012 and attended Oakland high school in 2013. I live with my parents and my older brother, I love my family and my life.

I am good at singing and dancing. At school, I don't really do sports and I don't have any extra activities to do. Mostly I go back home after school to do my homework or take a nap. Sometimes I would go to Chatime with my friends on weekends for karaoke or eating in the restaurant with my family.

Actually, I am a lazy girl and I like to eat delicious food. I always spend my time and money on food and drinks. But I am not good at cooking food but noodles, I like noodles and I eat noodles at home most of the time. Sometimes I would go shopping with my girlfriends and buy some clothes that I like or watching Asian movies for entertainment.

I enjoy my life.

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