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My name is Ismeal, and I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx.

I like to take care of people by helping them. For example, I will give them money and make it so that their food stamps have a lot of money. The government houses are good for people who don’t have a house. But mine is going to be better.

Taking care of people means a lot to me. For some reason when I was little, I always wanted to know how my future was going to be. I have a feeling it is going to be hard if I don't pass college. I can tell by seeing a lot of people in the street. For example, selling drugs, people killing each other. That's why passing collage Is good.

I like taking care of people because of my dad and mom. Every morning and night they give me money. So that made me feel that I have to do that for my son and daughter if I have one.

10 Self / 10 World Questions


1.Will I go to COLLEGE?
2.Am I’m going to have a JOB?
3.Where am I going to LIVE when I’m 20?
4.Am I going to have a COLLEGE DEGREE?
5.Will I ever be a SOCCER PLAYER if I grow up?
6.Am I going to live in CONNECTICUT?
7.What will my TEACHER TEACH me this year?
8.Am I’m going to PASS THIS YEAR in New Directions?
9.Where am I going to WORK at?
10.Am Im going to have SUMMER SCHOOL?


2.Why do gangsters like SMOKING WEED?
3.Why do people like KILLING EACH OTHER ?
4.Why is SKIPPING SCHOOL fun to some people?
5.Why do some people COME TO SCHOOL LATE?
6.Who going to be the new mayor?
7. Does Obama want to MAKE A WAR?
8.Why do some people think that it is HARD TO PLAY SOCCER?
9.Why do some schools GIVE COMPUTERS TO KIDS FREE?
10. Can we LIVE TO A 1000 YEARS?

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