I am a student at New Directions Secondary school from the Bronx.

My name Is Isaiah P. and there are many things are special about my name and one special fact is that it comes from the bible. Also my name is very famous. I’m from the Bronx NY. Also, I really don’t like the Bronx because it is very bad. Some students do not value their education. I miss my grandma because she passed away. I love my family, and I like to be around them all the time.

When I get out of school I like to play games outside and also play in the park. I have so much playing Xbox video games. I love playing freeze tag outside and I also enjoy doing back flips. I do awesome school work when I’m in school because I focus every day and I love it. I love school so much that I cannot wait until the next day.

What I like to do in school is write. I love pens, and I enjoy writing with them. School is fun because when you go to a new school you make new friends and I’m in a new school and I’m making new friends. I love physical education, it’s so fun and we have gym two times a day in the morning we do dance and before we leave we do physical education again. Sometimes it is very tiring.

10 Self Questions

Would I have a baby with blue eyes?
What will I be when I grow up in the future ? (doctor,cop)
Would I become a skateboarder when I grow up ? (awesome,future,good,awesome)
Would I have freedom from school ? (freedom,fun,happy)
Would school be hard in the future? (hard school,awesome)
Will college be difficult when I grow up? ( hard,tough,good)
Would I become a policeman when I grow up? (hard,tough,bad)
Would I become famous ?(money,rich,rich-house)
Would I work for the country?(country,work,help)
Would I would ever struggle in life?(life,help,fun)

10 World Questions

Why they have to take down the twin towers down ?(love peace,towers)
They should make the twin towers again?(towers,love,peace)
They should me more school?(fun,learn-more)
They should make school funner?(cool,fun)
People should respect other people?(love,care)
Should the world be dirty?(bad,sad)
should the world clean?(awesome,cool)
Should people should respect the world? (respect,world,people)
Should the world me hard?(trouble,good)
should the world be good?( awesome,clean,good)

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