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My name is Isabella and i am 12 years old. I was born in 2003 in R.I . I have lived in Pawtucket for my whole life. Something that's important about me is i'm spanish because of my mom and i know how to speak spanish.
I like to do Art in my school because you get to be creative and let your mind flow and draw whatever you want. I'm good at doing math and a little bit of science.
I like playing with my older brother sometimes we play video games and then other times we wrestle. I’m good at doing Art and cheerleading. I used to do cheerleading but then the next year i couldn't because i had to do something at the time but i am still trying to get back into it and hope i do but for now i'm going to stick to doing Art.

1.Will I go to college?
2.What will I become when I grow up?
3.Will I get a good job when I grow up?

1.How do we know we are actually alive?
2.Will there ever be an earthquake around here where i live?
3.Why are there black holes

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