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Adventures | For my English project, I'm making my sister a map of some of the adventures we've had together. Like usual, I had awful writer's block, so I was half-heartedly surfing the web. I decided to... Added on Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 12:45, with 4 comment(s)
Freshman Letter | Last week we got letters written by our former freshman selves. My letter was pretty superficial: It's a nice day...I'm a little sore from my first lacrosse practice...yadda yadda. After that, I had... Added on Sunday, May 2, 2010 - 20:28, with 4 comment(s)
College Rant | Yesterday during the assembly, I was sitting by some people who were scoffing at in-state colleges. I'm going to one in the fall, so I took it pretty personally, but I didn't say anything. Last... Added on Saturday, April 17, 2010 - 21:03, with 3 comment(s)
Senioritis as Defense Mechanism | At 12:01 a.m. Thursday morning, I will either be running through the dark streets screaming with joy or quietly crying myself to sleep. Ok...probably not, but I will find out whether or not I got... Added on Sunday, March 28, 2010 - 13:38, with 4 comment(s)
New School Standards | Drafts for new standardized guidelines for k-12 Math and English education were released today, and it is a step in the right direction toward improving the quality of our country's education. A set... Added on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 23:26, with
Mental Illness on Death Row |     Today in religion class, my group and I were assigned to research the role of mental illness in capital punishment cases. I was blown away by some of the statistics and... Added on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 - 22:57, with 2 comment(s)
In 100 Years |      My dad recently had surgery, and when he commented how old he felt, the nurse said that, with her help, he'd live to be 100. Even though she was joking, it may not be... Added on Saturday, February 13, 2010 - 20:45, with
Dependency on Prescription Drugs | Even though the narrators rattle off side-effect after horrible side-effect in prescription drug commericials, more Americans are taking more prescriptions than ever before. This isn't necessarily a... Added on Sunday, January 31, 2010 - 16:19, with 1 comment(s)
Pro-Life Stance Should Include Living | According to the Catholic bishops of the United States, the current health care system is in need of fundamental reform. USCCB Then why is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)... Added on Saturday, December 19, 2009 - 00:33, with
The Time Machine by H.G. Wells |  Here's  a quick peak at H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.  Added on Friday, December 11, 2009 - 15:16, with
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Jess, You're not alone in | Jess, You're not alone in complaining about... 7 years 49 weeks ago in response to The End of An Era, But Not of Education
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Laurahorton, I think you | Laurahorton, I think you hit the point of... 8 years 6 weeks ago in response to Scream
I agree with your post. The | I agree with your post. The possibility (or I... 8 years 7 weeks ago in response to Earthquake Danger In Utah
What an interesting topic, | What an interesting topic, Rosie. I like that... 8 years 10 weeks ago in response to Do ghosts exist?
Hannah, I was shocked by | Hannah, I was shocked by this story. The only... 8 years 12 weeks ago in response to Wal-Mart Toddler Abuse
Tess, Your post was funny. I | Tess, Your post was funny. I especially liked the... 8 years 18 weeks ago in response to Santa Claus- A Bad Role Model
Bfery, The story you | Bfery, The story you described shocked me. I... 8 years 21 weeks ago in response to Moral Decay in Youths
Oliver, Your post really | Oliver, Your post really made me think. I ... 8 years 23 weeks ago in response to Political Writing. Why so Bad?