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I'm a student at the Cobble Hill School for American Studies in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm a participant in the 2014 Youth Voices Summer Program.

Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Isaac. I’m from Ecuador - a very beautiful country where the people are kind, but now I need to be here in America to have a good future because I know that here I can do many things and learn English fast. In my country I did many things, such as learning to dance, sing, and play soccer every day. In this country I help my father in his job as a plumber. It is very interesting, and I like that job so much, and I think that it is awesome to be here because before I was alone with my sister and my mother and now I have all my family and it makes me feel happy.

In school, I like to study english and math is very fun for me, but I don’t believe it is for other people :) I also like sports, such as basketball, but baseball no because my country doesn’t have this sport. I was in math and art and the swimming team. When I was a child, I practiced all that because my mother believed this would help me be a good student in high school.

When I was a child, my mother had to be both of my parents because my father was in Brooklyn. It was difficult for me to study all the that she wanted but I wanted my mother to be happy, so I studied many things and I did sports every day. Now I’m a good student and sportsman. Today I play soccer during the week and on the weekends I work with my father. Every day I learn more english in my new home of Brooklyn, New York.

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