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I am from Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx.

I am a fifteen year old girl who is not an only child. My name is Jarissa. The diffident girl with low self-esteem but high expectations is the best description of myself. One of my expectations is to find happily ever after. Happily ever after is my goal because it is found in fairy tales. Although fairytales are fiction, I believe it is possible for them to become realistic somehow. I don’t expect happily ever after to happen, but I do dream of it happening. Every time something is bad, I always say that if fairy tales were real, I would be the damsel in distress waiting for my prince. Generally speaking, I am very independent. I would not need a prince to save me although it would be nice. Fairy Tales may not fit the requirements of my independence, but everyone needs someone to depend on one day. Also, I am very shy. I do not like to perform anything, or speak much unless I have to. I was never shy until middle school where my self-esteem dropped down. There were so many other girls prettier than me that made fun of me. I isolated myself from people for a while. I am generally amicable to everyone even though I don’t say much when I first meet you. I love to imagine things and make up stories too. I believe some people should loosen up and let their inner child be free. Getting old is not an option, but growing up is. Besides all of that, I am a very studious person.

School is where I spend about ten months of a year. In school, I am the person that is always studying or reading or doing homework while everyone else is chatting. I will not lie, I do chat with my friends during class time but it’s only if I’m bored. Most people call me a nerd and I am fine with that. I am a very smart person. I get straight A’s (90’s or higher). In school, I am outgoing if I chose to be. I always participate in class, participate in group conversations if wanted and I tutor people. I am also very athletic. I guess in school, I am looking for my educational goals rather than how my social life should be. Education is important to me. I think without an education, fortune is not easy to obtain. I also believe that with education, dreams are easier to fulfill. Outside of school, my whole demeanor changes.

When school is out, I hang around with friends or go home. I hang out and then go home, but usually, it depends on how I feel. Outside of school, I am the weirdest, funniest and coolest person to be with. I am weird because I imagine things happening and try to get my friends to play along. I am funny because I am clumsy and always try to find a way to put a smile on someone’s face. I am cool because I am unique and it is hard to find a friend like me. I always have my friends laugh. I’ll admit sometimes I get annoying, but my friends love me anyway.When I am not with my friends, I am at home. At home, I block out the world with music if I am doing homework or feel upset. Music is my comfort and relates to me. Music relates to my feelings and issues. I constantly dance and sing wherever and whenever. Sometimes, I get lazy and just want to sleep all day. I love to procrastinate with homework and wait last minute even though that is not good. I think homework is horrible to do when you’re in the comfort of your own home. School,home and in just general I believe I am the same person even if my attitude changes at some point.

Self and World Questions

1. Why am I so insecure?
(Insecurity, self-esteem, confidence, change, appearance)
2. What type of influence do I have on people?
(Influence, people, media, positive, negative)
3. Why do I let others negatively affect me?
(negative, guidance, humanity, bullies, words)
4. Where is my voice?
(shy, masked, boldness, speech, people)
5. Why am I so emotional?
(emotions, symptoms, sensitivity, reminiscence, relationships)
6. Why can I never tell how I really feel?
(feelings, emotions, timid, fortitude, self-respect)
7. Why can’t I make good decisions?
(decisions, plans, mentality, affiliation,consciousness)
8. Why is music my only solace?
(music, comfort, relevance, friends, concern)
9. Why must I feel the need to have everyone like me?
(popularity, assurance, independence, community , personality)
10. Why do I fear so much?
(Fears, comfort , awareness, people, scary)
11. Why do we let society control our actions?
(society, actions, brainwash, media, perfection)
12. Why do we hurt the ones we love?
(relationships, insensitivity, abuse, trust, love)
13. Where do we go after we die?
(death, reincarnation, heaven, hell, spirit)
14. Why does bullying still exist?
(bullying, bullies, insecurity, friends, fault)
15. Are there such things as perfect people?
(ideal, science, humans, personality, appearance)
16. Is there life on another planet that the government knows about?
(inhabitability, planets, life, aliens, universe)
17. Is heaven a paradise?
(Heaven, paradise, bible, religious text, beliefs)
18. Is Earth stage one of Hell?
(Hell, religious beliefs, religious texts, apocalypse, God)
19. Why can’t we remember our dreams?
(memory, dreams, perception, brain, likeness)
20. Are our reflections in another dimension and the mirror is the portal but they block us out because it is horrible over there?
(reflections, mirrors, portal, dimensions, figures)

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