I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx.

1-10 Self Questions

1. Am I capable of reaching my goal?(listening,ambition,objective,potential,doubt)
2.What will I accomplish in the future?(job,career,desire,inspiration,ambition)
3.Where do I prefer to live more,Bogota or New York?(preference,nostalgia,memory,self-exploration,home)
4.What would I be now if my infancy were different?
5.What things I like to do?
6.What I would like to be in life?
7.What I hate in life?
8.What teachers I like?
9.What teachers I hate in life?
10.Would I be rich in life?

1-10 World questions
1.Why is a lot of people in the world?(birth,population,recreation, cycle,life)
2. What happens when people die?(life,heaven, hell, cycle,explanation)
3.How would the world be in 500 years later?(future,imagination,curiosity,technology,advancement)
4.Is free will an illusion?(will,power,control,belief,behaviorism)
5.What is the universe in reality?(unknown,explanation,curiosity,perception,allusion)
6.What society is so cruel?(nonconformity,disdain,injustice,problem,society)
7.Are really people is “connected?(psychology,theme,human interaction,society)
8.Is the existence of a God reatily?(Creation,expectation,divinity,evolution,disbelief)
9.What I can contribute to better world?(ambition,responsibility,hope,greatness,contribution)
10.Is it true that people have only seven degrees of seperation?(psychology,theory,incredibility,confusion,proximity)

Tuck Evelasting Cover Letter | Rubric

Module and Rubric

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