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I'm the Art teacher at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx. I used to work in publishing, for example making vampire comic books, animated cartoon episodes (that was fun!) and graphic design on computers - but I have been a teacher since 2007, trying to bring more technology into the classroom.

I was born in NYC and grew up on West 91st Street but I also lived in Brooklyn and Westchester. I live in Rockland now, near the big mall.

“I can’t do that!” I actually like when students say they don’t know how to draw or make art because that’s the whole reason for art class. My challenge is to get kids to follow interest but to also try new things. Taking risks in Art means experimenting, and seeing what happens. That’s learning!

I also teach an after school club called Rock The Arts where I teach guitar for beginners, plus painting, drawing and crafts.
I’m really good at collaborating with students. Most Art teachers don’t like to give sketches or make artworks together with kids, but I am different, I help turn their ideas into art that they can work on in a role that makes them comfortable.

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