i enjoy tennis and anime, i also enjoy sleeping and cooking in my spare time and i play tennis. えとおわたしワジャステンです私輪十六歳渡し大好きテニス

My name is justin mo and im a chinese guy that often plays tennis*usually everyday* and im still trying to improve myself from my bad habits and my lazy attitude

                                            Boy that sleeps

Look at that boy
All he do is sleep all day
and do nothing for himself and others
He knows your looking but he don't care
All he wants to do is sleep all day long
If you bother him he get mad
If you try to ask him something he be mad
Don't bother him let him be
He only changes once every week

                                       Boy that Runs For Things

Look at that boy
Look how he runs for a ball
Look how he runs for his mom
Look how fast he runs for these things
see how he gets to them so fast
and how he willingly runs for things
and how he unwillingly runs for things
He runs and runs and never stops
when will he ever stop?

i used to be a completely lazy person where just getting out of my bed to go to school was a pain in the ass for me and going out just to get food was also a pain.i enjoyied to do nothing and not move as much as i can and to reject almost everything,but now i changed and im much more different from how i was before.

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