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I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx.

Hey my name is Jonathan. I was born in the Bronx,New York. My favorite color are red,black,white, and gray. I like to play sport’s and my favorite sport is basketball because I enjoy playing it more. My biggest goal is to become an N.B.A player also it’s my biggest dream.

What I like to do in school? What I like to do in school is math. Math is my favorite subject. I like math because to me it’s easy and I will need math in the future. I also like gym. I like gym because I can do a lot of fun sport’s and more.

What I like to do outside of the school? What I like to do outside of the school is play basketball, and chill with my bro’s. In case you don’t know what are bro’s, bro’s are boy’s that is a very close friend to you. I like to play basketball with my bro’s a lot . I also practice with them a lot. We practice so we can get better and we are in a basketball team.


1. What would I have to do to reach my goal of becoming an NBA player?
2. What steps do I need to follow to finish school?
3. How long will it take for me to accomplish my goal?
4. How good my grades need to be for me to make it to the NBA?
5. How hard I need to practice for me to go to the NBA?
6. What steps do I need to follow to be a college basketball player?
7. What things I need to do in order for me to get skip to the next grade ?
8. Will I be able to tell the future?
9. Will I become the best basketball player in the future?
10 Will I become famous?


1. Who created sports?
2. Who created words?
3. How come different culture's got different gods?
4. What was the first animal in this earth?
5. Who started the war?
6. Who made up school?
7. Who was the first human on earth?
8. Who was the first person to discover animals?
9. What would change if we didn't have president?
10. If we didn't have a sun what would happen?

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