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I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx.

Hii my name is Kyana I’m from the Bronx,New York and I am a Longboarder a , Pianist , Photographer , Writer and a drawer .
I also make music too, I play the Piano, I would love to learn how to play the Violin, Guitar, Ukelele and the Drum I find those instruments very divine… for sports I play Basketball and gymnastics. I draw when I feel like it,I want to learn different languages like Vietnamese, Arabic,French,and more sign language and many more I am an open person dedicating to new things I listen to all types of music , my style is very eclectic and diverse ….

My hobbies I know I like to do is to listen to music,basketball,gymnastic, draw, and I love playing instruments too I play the piano,a little guitar. I also skateboard and longboard, i love longboarding in manhattan .. mostly I love to play the piano I know I’ve probably have mentioned that already but I love to play when Im overwhelmed and such … I have a big piano at home so i teach myself different songs that I love currently I am teaching myself “River flows into you” by Yiruma !!! oh and did I mention I love bandssss like alot

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Will I achieve my goal? (college,money,medical school,education,life.)
Will I become a doctor or an lawyer? ( medical ,school,lawyer ,school,participation)
What would be my third choice on job decision?(third decision,life ,choice,)
What would I stand for if I knew no one would judge me?(rights,believe ins,opinion,campaign,confidence)
Would I get a scholarship?( basketball,school,college, free,hard work.)
Would I accomplish something big?(life event,life changing,school,awards,accomplishment),
What am I an expert on? best at,practice,lessons,patients,
What my favourite animal? (Wolf,spiritual animal,sharp intelligence,deep connections with instincts)
What is my favourite instrument to play? (piano,music notes,challenges,guitar,keys)
Who do I look up to? ( role, model,historical,trend ,setter)


Will there be any changes with the high ways? (glow, in the the dark,charging, area, wind millers)
Who will be the next president ? (different, rules,curiosity, second woman,married,)
Will their be flying cars? (futuristic,car,transportation,faster,unusual)
Will there be any changes about time square? ( new building,new events,new look,more property,new build board,)
Why do people smoke? (cancer,lungs,death, sickness,drugs)
Why do people get addicted to video games? (suspense,
Why do people take drugs?(heroin,tobacco, meth,death)
How long will the government will be locked down?(effecting us,no money,curiosity,critical,no checks)
Will the U.S turn into the great depression again? (no money,depression,no jobs,no food,hard times)
Will their enforce the gun control laws?( proper usage,self defence,knowledge,knowing how to use it)

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thicker skin | I Don't know what to feel at all I feel hurt,mad,confused,dreaded,angry,irritated there are so many things wrong right now my feeling is indescribable I feel so horrible I really do want to be... Added on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 13:33, with 2 comment(s)
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