Hi, my name is Koa Goings. My name is Hawaiian. I am 12 years old. I was born on June 14th 2002. In my life I have broken my arm and been bitten by a dog and got forty three stitches. For my whole life I have lived in the one and the only Santa Cruz California. I live in a medium sized house with my Mom, my Dad, and my brother Kai.
At school I take five classes. Math, Science, Spanish, Core, and Physical Education. Even though i'm not a big fan of school, I enjoy Science because its the class that I learn the most by far. At school, I like messing around with my friends and having fun. I also play basketball for my school team. I've played other sports like soccer but my favorite is basketball by far.
When I'm not in school I like playing basketball at my house and having friends over. I also play video games on my Xbox. The things i'm best at Is basketball and video games. Once I started playing basketball I realized that that was my favorite sport. When I started playing video games I realized I had a special skill with those too.

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Global | He was about to push me off, then I rolled to my left and got up and quickly grabbed him. Boom, boom. I gave him two quick blows to the face and now it was my turn. I pushed him up against the rail... Added on Friday, March 27, 2015 - 16:42, with
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hi :D | Dear, Nishan 18 I enjoy your basketball sonnet... 3 years 13 weeks ago in response to Basketball Sonnet