I'm a student at Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan. My name is Lauren but people just call me….Lauren. Pretty boring, I know.

Well to begin with, my ancestors were Korean so I have 100% Korean blood running through my veins. Things I like to do are basically anything that have me interacting with other living things. More specifically people. Even more specifically, people that are my age and comfortable to talk to. Otherwise, I dislike doing chores, homework by myself, and cleaning.

The only two things I’m okay with doing alone are listening to music, and reading. Man, I LOVE READING! As long as there is enough books beside me, I can read for 24 hours. Even though I’m a book worm, I don’t just sit home all day and never see the light of day. As surprising as it is, I play golf.

But I don’t play the type of golf retired grandparents play, I play hardcore golf. What I mean by hardcore golf is just playing on the school team and competing against other teams. It’s actually a really amazing sport that you can play throughout your lifetime!

One more thing you should know about me is that I’m a cellist. As you can see, I’m a well-rounded person that loves to do everything!

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