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I'm a student at Bay View Middle School in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My name is Kayla; I was born in 2000 and I have lived in Howard my whole entire life. Back in 2011 I got a once in a lifetime chance to be a state finalist in the National American Miss Wisconsin State Pageant! I was 100/400 girls in wisconsin who were chosen to become state finalist! I compete each year in August down in Wisconsin Dells with many other girls in Wisconsin from the ages 4-18. To this day I am still with National American Miss, competeing every year.

In school I joined POPS (Peers On Problem Solving) and the 8th grade girls school volleyball team. In school, Electives I choose to take are Orchestra, I play the vilion, Choir, and French and I enjoy them very much.

Outside of my school- day life, I love to listen, play and make music, go shopping, hangout with my friends, vouleenteering throught my community like at the Bay Area Humane Society Where I currently help out at, play and compete in sports like soccer and volleyball, and so much more! I consider myself good at cooking, writing, learning new things like sports, games, etc. and making others laugh. These things make me who I am because they are a part of my intersest and hobbies that I take into intersest

Questions About Myself
1. Will I become sucessful in life? (Sucess, Life, Future.)
2. Will I complete my long life dreams? (Dreams, Concure, Goals)
3. Am I going to live a long or short life? (Life, Death, Health, Age)
4. Am I headed in the right direction? (Success, Direction)
5. Will I make a difference in the world? (Helping, World, Difference)
6. Will I have a family of my own someday? (Family, Kids, Spose, Life)
7. Is my family proud of me? (Family, Proud, Myself)
8. Will my grades be good this year? (Grades, School, GPA)
9. Is death a second life of our own? (Live, Death, Second, Life)
10. What will I become after my years in college? (School, College, Degrees, Jobs.)

Questions about the World
1. Will the world ever come to peace? (Peaceful, World)
2. Will America ever lose its freedom? (USA, Freedom, Lost)
3. Will the world ever end? (Earth, World, End)
4. How will technology change the world from 10 years from now? (Technology, Changes, New)
5. Who will be the 45th President of the USA? (President, USA, In-Office.)
6. How will the conteniets change in looks in 100 years? (Shape, Form, Contineats)
7. Will all animals become extistint someday? (Animals, Planet, Gone)
8. Will a world war 3 break out? (World, War, Again)
9. Will public schools be even an option someday with online schooling and new technology? (School, Technology, Public, Online.)
10. Will humans change ever? (Humans, Living, Changes.)

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