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My name is Kadeisha Thomas.I'm a student at Sunset Park High School in Brooklyn, NY I love to dance and write. I was born and raised the beautiful island of Trinidad. I love my culture. I enjoy playing sports such as cricket, basketball, football(soccer), and volleyball. I enjoy shopping, but do not do it as much, usually I’ll let my mom, aunt, or cousin get clothes and shoes for me.I am a huge animal lover. I mostly love dogs, snakes, and dolphins.My favorite color is blue, because the color is very beautiful in every way, and I love the sky, and the ocean water, both of those things are blue. I have many siblings most on my father’s side.If I had to use three words that describes my personality the most, I would use passionate, loving, and crazy, but in a good way.

My family is from Trinidad. I have a very big family. My mom is a black Trinidadian, and my father is an Indian. My grandma on my dad’s side is Puerto Rican,Hispanic, and my grandpa on my dad’s side is a black Indian. My grandma on my mom’s side is black, and my grandma on my mom’s side is also black. My grandma and dad died when I was at a young age. I loved them both dearly, especially my grandma. May they both rest in peace. My mom moved to New York when I was year years old. She tried so hard to get me to New York, so that I would be able to live out my dreams, and get my family out of poverty. My mom is a very strong and independent woman and I always had admired that about her. I love my dad for always being there for me and taking care of me from birth. My family means a lot to me, each and every individual.

My friends are a huge part of me. I love to entertain people. I was once a shy lost girl, and then I found my way through friends. Now I’m not as shy as I once was. I was once bullied when I first moved to New York in fourth grade. The girls at first didn’t like me and didn’t understand how i capture, so much attention from other people. Before that I’ve never been bullied for who I am, so I didn’t know how to deal with bullies especially since they were in the same class as me. My mom found out that I was getting bullied, and she complained the problem to my principal. After she did that the problem was solved, the girls realized what they was doing hurt my feelings, because I didn’t feel welcomed in New York, but it did get better. The girls that bullied me became my friends, and one of them became more like a sister to me. She got to know me better, and really liked the type of person that I am. Friends are mostly important to me, because they are there for my happy and sad times and they don’t judge me they accept me for who I am.

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