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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. I am a fifteen year-old girl. My roots go back to Dominican Republic, Honduras, and even Italy, yet I feel as if I’m totally Americanized. I am not a very loud girl. Most people only know me by face, not my name. I would describe myself as weird and socially awkward. I only have a few friends, since trust is a foreign word to me. I prefer making other people happy, agreeing to what’s right and shaking my head to whatevers wrong. I’m not sure I have opinions of my own, and if I did I wouldn't say them. In my perspective, everyone judges you. It’s pure irony. One side says “Be yourself, who cares what they think!”, but then you are yourself and they judge you. That’s why I stay silent.

In school I do what I’m told. I do my work; I get decent grades. I do it because it’s what expected from me. It’s all about making others happy. I’m pretty much good at everything except math. Math was always my worst subject, and it only gets worse. I feel really guilty when I don’t understand; since I know that's what my parents and teachers expect. I usually give up, but that just puts me in a worse situation. School and I are in a very love/hate relationship.

I don’t really do much out of school. My parents don’t let me hang out with my friends or anything. It’s because they don't trust me enough. Isn’t that frustrating? I’ll admit, I have a habit of telling little white lies here and there, but it’s only so they can hear what they want to hear! I don’t hate my parents, yet I do believe they should trust me more. Anyway, besides school, I like to dance & listen to Korean music. Besides from that I also listen to hardcore rock music. This is one of my interesting qualities, since not a lot of people I know listen to that. Other then that, I love writing. Writing has always been a talent for me. I actually have a lot on my mind most of the time.
Ten Questions about Myself

Why do I over think everything?(Over-analyze, wondering, thoughts, feelings, brain)
Why am I so insecure? (body, face, feelings, judgement, insecurities)
Why do I put other peoples feelings over mine?(people pleaser, emotions, ignored, quiet, feelings)
Why do I care about what people think of me?(judgement, scared, opinions, people, mean)
Why can't I be the daughter my parents expect me to be?(grades, actions, wrong, mess up, expect too much)
Why am I so sensitive? (Cry, sensitive, feelings, over emotional, mean words)
Why don't I like talking about my feelings?(shy, hesitant, closed off,fear, judgement)
Why do I worry about everything?(worry, everything, go wrong, hesitant, doubts)
Am I annoying to others? (annoying, hated, friends, people, feelings)
Why do I feel socially awkward even when I'm with my friends? (awkward, around, people, anxiety, nervous)

Ten Questions about the World

If "The Enlightenment" happened so long ago, why is religion still here? (religion, useless, science, free, thoughts)
Is God real? (God, real, how, religion, opinion)
Why do the teenagers of this generation treat others & themselves so wrong? (Teens, violence, 2012, guns, pregnancy)
Is war necessary? (war, needed, deaths, peace, countries)
Why do illnesses exist? (illnesses, more, cures, doctors, medicine)
What happens when we die? (death, heaven, hell, no where, gone)
Why is the world based on judgement? ( judgement, world, bad, why, stupid)
Its 2012, why isn't there flying cars & stuff? (2012, future, flying, cars, advanced)
Will there ever be a cure for cancer? (cure, cancer, when, illness, death)
Will I change the world one day? (hero, author, change, world, known)

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