I'm a student at Fremont High School, Oakland, CA.

I think what is important to know about me is I'm Tongan and like to joke around sometimes. I was born on Dec.2,1996
in Oakland California. The one thing that was important that happened to me is when my dad laid on my grandmother's lap saying to forgive him about leaving me my little brother and my mother. I've lived in many places like Richmond, Newark in Cali., San Diego then came back to Oakland.

I love to work out and to chill with friends when I have time after and during school. I am good at math and I am also good with teachers. Sometimes I like hanging out with my sophmore English teacher whose name is Ms.Lee.

I like to work out with my cousins and like to chill with my family members too. I am really good at making friends and like to help my grandfather at his jobs because he is like my father figure. If anything, he was the only father to me. My brother and I grew up with a single mother so I've always thought of my grandfather as a father and to my brother. I had to be a father to him because no one else would ever try to.

To me Fremont High is just as normal as any other school it can be good if you make it good, but bad if you want it bad. I just wish Fremont was a school with respectful people, not only towards others but to also respect themselves. Like for instants, girls wear things that are off the hook as in they dress like hookers. The majority, well they smoke and don't show respect to the environment or other people's surroundings, its just like "invading" our space. But to be honest Fremont is an enjoyable school, but over here you have to be aware of your surroundings.

Oakland is a good environment but sadly with bad people. to other people that live in a better, richer, safer environment think of Oakland as a place for killers, gang bangers, savages and etc. in other words its a prison. But in reality its safe if you know how to live with a catious mind by having what I call "street experiance". If you think about it, every where is the same by the way you live is the way you live no matter what.

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