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I am an Ecuadorian girl who came to the United States at the age of nine. I’m a person whom anyone can trust and have the ability to talk to. I’m some one who had lived in New York for a few years. Something that we all do is learn by our own mistakes; everything has its consequence and its results. I have experienced a lot things by living in a different country. Something I believe is true, is what all Hispanic people say. Even my parents tell me that life is not easy and is not free. We all have to gain what we want and show who we are.

In school my life is a different story. I do all my work, follow directions, and help others. Something I like to do at school is learn, so I can experience something new in every singe class. Some extra-curricular activities I do at school are: staying for office hours, and joining any open clubs. In school I’m good at finishing all my work on time, and understanding the lesson of each day.

Outside school I love to walk home or go to tutoring. I’m a really busy person because I’m always doing something. After school I walk to MC; which is a center to help kids do their homework, and help them read. Sometimes, instead of going to MC; I go tutoring and soccer practice. They are both related because, they both are part of the SBU team. What I’m good at after school or outside school is playing soccer. People consider me a “ beast” at it. I think that all I do at home is my homework and sleep, because I get home kind of late from my extra-curricular activities. I’m always experiencing something new. Mom and dad are always proud of me because I achieve many things. Finally, one thing I appreciate the most is getting rewards for what I do and all my effort that I’ve shown to them.

10 Questions about myself:
1. When will I win the lottery?( security, future, wealth, money, luck)
2. Does studying help me at school?(Teachers, Exams,Scores, Luck, Future)
3. Why do I have to learn and not just get a job now?(Skills, Age, School, Knowledge, Attainment)
4. Why am I short?(Gender, Generation, Genes, Science,Development)
5. When will I decide what to be I grow up?(Future, Career, Major, College, Enthusiasm)
6. Is having personal problems bad?(Counselor, Parents, Friends, Solution, Self-care)
7. Would extra-curricular activities help me in the future?(References, Future, Experience)
8. Am I going to be able to join the army?(Fortitude, future, military, Captain, leadership)
9. Am I going to be a famous soccer player?(Future, Dreams, Team, Goal, Sports)
10. Would get the chance to travel around he world with my own little family?(Future, Luck, Money, Time, Family)

20 Questions about the world
1. Why do we need a president?(Prejudice, Politics, Congress, Global,Election)
2. Why cant factories stop polluting the atmosphere?(Government Regulations, Pollution, Global Warming, Nature, Evolution)
3. Why are there wars instead of staying in peace?( Violence, Consequences, Crime, Suffering, Cruelty)
4. Do all countries have religions and beliefs?(Religion, Church, Exclusive, Spirituality, Beliefs)
5. Do people enjoy their jobs?( Employment, Rights, Freedom, Money, Necessity)
6. Do people accept the way the economy system work now?(Economy, government, legislation, Money, Spending)
7. Why animals exist?(Nature, hunting, Environment, Biomes, Animals)
8. Why are there midgets the world?(Gender, Genes, Generation,Science, Growth)
9. Is being a short person an advantage or disadvantage?(Science, Generation, Genes, Advantages, Disadvantages)
10. Does art come from imagination or just boredom?(Education, Art, Creativity, Styles, Talent)
11. Why can’t people live for thousand of years?(Age, Science, Population, Time, Weakness)
12. How did the weather cycle start/form?(Science, Water, Processes, Climate, Heat)
13. Why there is no oxygen in other planets?(Environment, Conditions, Population, Resources, Needs)
14. Why are there many countries and continents? (Population, Race, Beliefs, Religions, Space)
15. Why are there so many races and people (color)?(Race, Genes, Science, )
16. Are gay people accepted in all countries?(Beliefs, Gender, Science)
17. Are gay people aware of what they do?(Experiments, Curiosity, Feelings)
18. Why are there so many STD’s?(sex, HIV, Protection, Aids)
19. why can’t we have bumper cars in the street instead of the ones we have now?(Cars, Companies, Source, Transportation)
20. Can oceans disappear?(Global Warming, Science, Atmosphere)

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