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Serenity is the mixture of new school and old school. As a collective person, Serenity is West Indian, African American, Cuban and Dominican. She is very proud of who she is. Serenity is a twin of Kiara. Serenity is an older sister too four younger brothers, a younger sister to two older sisters and one older brother. Serenity’s brothers and sisters reflects on who she is as a whole. She was raised with her twin and younger brothers; while her two older sisters kept in contact. Serenity has recently united with her long lost brother in Green Dot. A turning point for Serenity was when she had all her sisters and brothers at her middle school graduation and going away party. Serenity was raised in Albany, but moved in and out of a small town name Schenectady and then the Bronx.

In school, Serenity is very out spoken, social, but yet shy. She is smart in the mouth and with some classes. Serenity enjoys playing the following: basketball, volleyball, football , and baseball. Serenity tries her best to stay focus, but in every class there is one person who catches her eye and throws her off track. She has a tendency to distract others, but still is a good student. She enjoys being a class clown and having fun. Serenity is social with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors and she doesn’t judge.

Outside of school, Serenity is not that much different. She still likes to have fun. She hangs out with mainly the same people that she hangs out with in school. She is creative in her dressing, hairstyle’s and profile. Serenity love to go out, collect good memories, and explore people’s personalities. Serenity is nosey, and love to give good advice. Thank you!!!

10 Questions About Myself:

Why am I still here?
(life, living, breathing, death, cemetery..etc)

Will I have a good future/outcome in life?
(lawyer, career, job, college, successful)

Have I already met my match or seen him/her?
(husband, wife, marriage, divorce, separation...etc)

Am I really Bi-sexual or is this a phase?
(gay, lesbian, straight, gender, homosexual... etc)

Why do I care so much about what people think of me?
(opinions, outlook, humans, eye vision, perspective..etc

Will I ever learn not to take advantage of certain situations?
(convince, overboard, choice's, false claiming,

When will I stop lying? Using cover-ups?
(lien, false, truth, guise, not correct)

Is my family ever going to notice the real me?
(real, fake, guise, personality, fate)

Will I ever learn from my bad choices?
(punishment, illegal, legal, consequence's, wrong path)

How did I get here, well at this stage in life?
( middle class, wealthy, mature, immature, disrespectful)

10 Questions About the World:

When will people start believing in themselves and others?
(accept, acknowledge, doubt, have faith, understand)

Do everyone have that one person who looks just like him/her?
(identical, twin, look-a-like, familuar, )

Will we all die eventually?
(death, end, life, future, fate)

Do everyone think President Obama would make a change?
(Michelle, Barack, change, difference, uniting)

When will the government stop asking for too much?
(goverment, taxes, tickets, money, court)

When will the following stop: violence, ignorance, and judgement's stop?
(gang, violence, racism, ignorance, rights)

Is GOD going to accept everyone for who they are on Judgement Day or any other day?
(acceptance, judging, heaven, GOD, Hell)

Will college one day be free, since education today is free?
(education, free, school's, give aways, helping)

Will rich people ever help the less fortunate?
(donations, giving back, poor, wealthy, needy)

Where did poverty originate from?
(poverty, poor, low class, non-wealthy, economics)

Where do humans get there answers from? And where does that answer come from?
(answers, questions, truth, false, background)

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