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I'm a student at the Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. My name is Tracy and am just a 16-year old African girl who wants people to understand me well, and not judge me because of the way I look. I was raised by my loving grandmother and grandaunts who took very good care of me before I came to the U.S in 2006.

In school i like to hang out with my friends and have a good time with them. I am the girl that likes to have fun. I am not good in most of my subjects but i try a lot and most days, i just feel lazy probably because the subject is either difficult for me or i have no interest in it. I love playing basketball for fun but i would like to learn how to dribble between my legs. I also enjoy reading books,poems,essays etc.

Outside of school, i like to do more fun stuff with my friends. Most of all i like to do childish things and i don't care what anybody says because i believed that nobody is too old to have fun. I love listening to different kinds of music. Sometimes when i am with my friends and i hear music blasting out loud then i began to dance and my friends start to move away from me because they are embarrassed to see their friend dancing outside. I love to dance in parties but sometimes i get nervous and wait for some of them to leave(it sounds crazy right?). I am a really nice person once you get to know me but sometimes i could be aggressive too.

Questions about self
What will I be like in the next 10 years? (future,growth,achievement,time)
What do people say/think of me?(people, personality, judgemental, perception)
Do I act weird?(weird,feelings, personality, peculiar,view)
Why am I angry all the time?(angry, mad, temper, personality)
Am I going to be famous? (future, prediction, lifestyle, fame)
Where will I end in life?(life, future, possibility, fate, death)
Who type of man will I marry?(rich,poor,crazy, loving, caring)
How many kids will I have? (children, future,ages, birth, life)
What makes me stand out from the crowd?(outsider,different, weird, special)
How will I feel without music?(music,emptiness,lonely,bored, no inspiration)

Questions about the World
How did language come to the world?(life,religion,language, world)
Is cruelty normal in human beings?(cruelty,violent,attitude,humans)
Are there any hidden religious groups of people?(religion,society, people,life)
What is the true meaning of life?(life, survival,years,survival,death)
Does love exist or is it just lust?(love, lust, meaning, existence,feelings)
When would the world come to an end?(world,life, future,God,existence)
Is it true that there are aliens living in another planet?(aliens, existence,sci-fy,out-of-space)
Why are children in different countries suffering?(starvation, homeless,death, no love)
How many people live in the world?(people,society,numbers, population,world)
How many people have died in the world?(people, cemetery, death, ,grave)

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