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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. My name is Nordalys. I am 16 years old, and I was born and raised in the South Bronx. I’ve moved quite a lot from the time I was born until now. My turning point in life was when my younger brother was born. With the birth of my younger brother, my family grew closer together, and we ascertained that we were closer than we believed. My little brother has helped me mature and learn many things about life.

I’m a very bubbly person in school. I like to be a friend and help everyone out. My favorite subjects are writing and science. I try to be the best student I can be. I’m involved in the cheer-leading team. It’s a great way to learn how to work with people. Overall, I like to enjoy myself in school, but also stay focused.

Out of school, I enjoy dance! I am a dance teacher for kids from ages 4-8, and I teach them hip-hop and mambo. I am good at working with the kids and dancing. I’ve been dancing since the age of 4 with the same group: South Bronx Kids 2nd Generation. I feel that dance is a part of me. I can express myself through my body language and movements. That feeling I get while dancing is indescribable. Dance is me. I am me.


1) Why am I the size I am? (Self-awareness, support, society, influences, self-conscience)
2) Why can’t I be contempt with myself? (self-esteem, history, insecurity, tips, struggles,relationships)
3) Who am I? (identity, history, intellect, different personalities, traits)
4) Am I going to be someone important? (profession, goals, aspirations, dreams, future)
5) Will I make a difference in some one's life? (help, influences, work, hospitality, caring)
6) Am I too old-minded? (maturity, adolescence, society, perspectives, peer-pressure)
7) Am I constantly judged? (people, conscience, society, mind, influence)
8) How do people see me?(interpretations, perspectives, inquiry, personalities, influence)
9) What will I major in?(school, inspirations, goals, skills, money awareness)
10) Why didn’t my relationship end smoothly? (relationships, arguments, changes, maturity, miscommunication)


1) Why are people so cruel?(world, peace, alliances, wars, cruelty)
2) Is there public transportation everywhere?(transportation lines, customs, lifestyles, advances in technology, advantages of public transportation)
3) Does the world always rotate?(earth, rotation, seasons, evolution, earth’s seasonal changes)
4) Is it someone's birthday every day of the year?(birthdays, hospital records, surveys, documents, celebrations)
5) Is poverty world-wide?(poverty, third-world countries, help, organizations, lifestyles)
6) When are we going to help each other and not wound each other?(war, peace treaties, alliances, friendships, aid)
7) Can one person change the world?(inspiration, advocates, vocational speakers, influences, enforcement)
8) How are the different high school experiences?(traditional high school, charter schools, rules, expectations, uniform)
9) Is school important and mandatory all over the world?(lifestyles, access to education, customs, laws on education, boards of education, representation of countries)
10) How will the next generation behave?(generations, influences, expectations, advances, modern problems, maturity, responsibility)

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